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  1. ChaseJJ

    2019 480 RE IMS 3.1 fuel tank install

    That is a true statement. Years ago 1990's I was in Bologna and drove in to the Ducati factory. Got a full tour of the factory by the American Sales Mgr who happened to be there on a slow Friday. He took me to the lunchroom. They have a full bar. Wine and Beer anyway. I chowed down on some food and had a little wine. It was awesome. But I wondered how shit gets done after lunch.
  2. Twin air box cover and a hot water power wash. Done.
  3. ChaseJJ

    Rear brake pedal while standing downhill

    I've heard it all from the Rekluse haters and clutch purists. Whatever , ride what you like. Every person I have ridden with that has a Rekluse and LHRB setup that works well, will never go back to manual clutching. Technical riding is many times simpler for the B,C rider and many Senior A levels. But if you are looking for max speed and flexibility in insane terrain you probably need the manual,I get it. But I'm old, fat but still pretty fast and I like them.
  4. ChaseJJ

    Rear brake pedal while standing downhill

    Not with a Rekluse. Try reading, its fundamental.
  5. ChaseJJ

    Rear brake pedal while standing downhill

    If you have a Rekluse you almost never need the clutch lever at all. On the SLR I use the Brembo as the brake and the Clake lever as the clutch. I probably touch it 2-3 times a ride maybe less.
  6. ChaseJJ

    Rear brake pedal while standing downhill

    or just get a Clake Pro or Clake 2 which is a clutch and LHRB all -in -one. Clake vs Rekluse
  7. ChaseJJ

    Rear brake pedal while standing downhill

    or......get a Rekluse and a Clake LHRB setup. Problem solved. Like riding a MTB with a big motor.
  8. Bosleys pegs- Check his FB page link Bosley's Custom Pegs. I've purchased 2 sets -30mm lower/-20mm back. You can do anything you want that makes sense. 3 std sizes from Fastway size to Mongo XL platforms. Many finishes. Very nice quality. You may need to wait a little longer as they are custom. But worth it if you want something lower than Fastway and Knights. Around $125-150 shipped depending on choice of finish and size. They come from Czecho. But Radan is a great source for something special for us bigger guys or ones with knee issues who want better positioning on the bike.
  9. ChaseJJ

    how fix crappy ktm wiring?

    I did that to my 08 Beta. A lot of &%$#@!ing work. Still have a parts assortment from Eastern Beaver as I over purchased to make sure I had it all covered. That guy got a cherry wire loom when he bought it. Eastern Beaver is a very valuable source for wiring needs on our motorcycles BTW.
  10. ChaseJJ

    FE501 Reedectomy and FX450 airboot?

    Hans...you da man!
  11. I'm assuming lots of you have pulled the reeds out of the airboot and use a remapped ECU. Has anyone successfully found a clean airboot from another EFI KTM model that can be used on a smogged up FE? Like an FX450 or FC?
  12. Zero in on the lower triple clamp on that fork. Interesting scallops machined in the area that many of Beta owners report excessive anodizing wear.
  13. ChaseJJ

    MY 2018 Beta 500 RR-S Thread

    You guys really should go to Mousses. They ride a little weird at first, but break-in and you can go 2-3 tires on Nitromouse's before needing another. Nothing fucks up a weekend like a flat. You blow all that time and gas to get there and the whole day can be trashed fixing them. I learned my lesson and only ride Mousses.
  14. ChaseJJ

    Anyone using Fasst Flexxbars on their Beta?

    For whoever is thinking of going to Fasstco Flexx bars. After the first of the year they will introduce a lighter new design that is being run on GNCC bikes now. I am hesitant to go to the other options as I have raced for years with the Flexx bars and they are a lifesaver for old shoulders and wrists. Aside from the weight they are one of the better mods you will make. Handguards are in some ways a PIA. But the Cycra/BRP or Fasstco/EE system they offer are as good as you'll get. If you run a Clake there can some interference issues with the pivot knuckle so check with Owen @ Clake before you go that route. In addition Fasstco customer service is as good as anyone in the power sports industry. Really accessible and easy to deal with.