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  1. clark4131

    WR Moderator Job Announcement

    So, who got the job?...SC
  2. clark4131

    WR Moderator Job Announcement

    So, who do we have for nominees? I've seen a couple for William, but are there others?...SC
  3. clark4131

    WR Moderator Job Announcement

    I'm not going anywhere, just giving the reins to the next generation...SC
  4. Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, I have decided to step down as moderator of the venerable WR400/426/450 forum. My family and work obligations have made it near impossible to do the quality job that you all deserve from your moderator. Little league, Cub Scouts and an ever-increasing workload have really taken its toll on my disposable time. I simply can no longer do the position justice and have decided it is time to pass the torch. I was nominated and informally elected a couple of years ago and I've asked the B's and Valerie if we could do something similar. Y'all need to talk amongst yourselves and put up a few well deserving members as nominees. I'll then put it into a poll and we can do it democratic-like. I'm waiting for final approval from the bosses to go this way, but I'm sure we can at least start the process. I want everyone to know that I've had a helluva lot of fun moderating and everyone here, for the most part, has been a pleasure to deal with. I will say the moderating job is a lot more work than one might think. In order to do it properly, you will need thick skin, a good sense of humor, the ability to laugh at yourself, and absolutely no expectation of any kind of reward other than a job well done. Some absolute necessities will be a well developed ability to write and edit, as well as sound judgement when it comes to dealing with the little problems that will arise from time to time. If you have the wisdom of Solomon, you're on the right track. The best part is that you'll have a whole crop of other moderators to bounce ideas off of and seek advice from. If you remove your ego and focus on keeping TT the best damn dirt bike forum on the web, you'll do great. As far as my future with TT is concerned, I'll still be here, but just as a regular member with no super-human abilities (think Superman II after he loses his powers so he can marry Lois Lane, but without the bad haircut). I'm still nursing my back injury but I plan to be turnin' and burnin' by Spring. So, in the immortal words of the Governator...I'll be back!!! ...SC
  5. clark4131

    Rekluse Price Hike

    And the Lord said to the thread, "Arise dead thread and be reborn to the WR message board so thou shalt be beaten like the horse who has died on the road to Nazareth!"...SC
  6. clark4131

    Swapping YZ Cylinder Head on WR

    The top ends are the same...the difference is in the cam grind and the transmission...SC
  7. clark4131

    Happy New Year!!!

    I know I haven't posted a whole lot lately, but I have been lurking and playing den mother behind the scenes. I just wanted to say Happy New Year to y'all and here's to making 2009 a damn sight better year than the last. Peace ...SC
  8. clark4131

    Wr dad with sons YZ issues (OK'd by WR Mod)

    It'll stick around for a while if you need some more help. I feel your pain. It took me forever to get the carb on my kid's TTR50 dialed in and he really wanted to ride it. Merry Merry...SC
  9. clark4131

    Wr dad with sons YZ issues (OK'd by WR Mod)

    It looks like you guys are getting the problem nailed down. I'm gonna let it slide for a few more days, but them I need to merge it over to the 2-stroke area. If you get it all squared away in the next day or two, shoot me a PM. Best of luck...SC
  10. clark4131

    What is this??

    Time for some new fibers and steels...Do I hear Rekluse maybe?...SC
  11. clark4131

    what cam for 06wr450

    '05 YZ exhaust cam. I've seen too many issues with people going with Hot Cams. The starting issues aren't that big a deal...SC
  12. clark4131

    WR450 and Recluse

    Hinson or Barnett basket with OEM plates. You can't go wrong with that setup...SC
  13. clark4131

    Calling James Dean about Diaphrams

    Did you post this in the Jetting forum?...SC
  14. clark4131

    wr running rough in top gear only?

    Are you running it on the road, or the dirt? Has the temperature dropped in recent days? What was the bike used for by the first owner?...SC
  15. clark4131

    wr running rough in top gear only?

    Pull the carb, remove the hot start, fuel needle (complete with tiny spring, washer and o-ring), jets and fuel bowl, and clean everything with carb cleaner and compressed air. Make sure your jets are completely unblocked. Prior to putting it back together, consult the jetting database for a good benchmark for the proper jetting based on your alititude and temperature. If you need to alter the jetting, now's the time to do it. With the bike being new, I've seen it many times where a tiny piece of metal, plastec, etc. from the assembly process can plug up a passegeway or jet. Provided your running good gas, this should solve your problem. If it doesn't, let us know...SC