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  1. mcma111

    XR650L chain guide - did it change?

    XR600 swing arm. Notice the different guide mounting? Two bolts instead of three.
  2. mcma111

    XR650L chain guide - did it change?

    Scott, The chain guide you have ordered for your XR650L will not fit your XR600 swing arm. If you want a XR650L swing arm and chain guide come 'n get it. Picture for reference:
  3. mcma111

    94 XR600R Compression release arm broke.

    No there isn't. The keeper pin is friction fit. I replaced a seal on one of these a couple weeks ago. Grabbed the pin with vice grips and twisted. It pulled right out. The pin is item #9
  4. mcma111

    XR only

    Joe, You got a hard on for XR's Only or what? Good or bad?
  5. mcma111

    expert BRP advice

  6. mcma111

    XR600R Front wheel dragging

    I know. 😀
  7. mcma111

    XR600R Front wheel dragging

    You do know that the grease you applied to the pistons was all scraped off by the seal when you pressed the piston back into the caliper. If the seal doesn't have good contact with the piston it would leak the brake fluid eh? Most likely just exercising the pistons out and back in freed them up.
  8. mcma111

    XR650L Counter shaft replacement parts

    Joe. We all know YOU'RE the shit
  9. Wonder why Honda put the marks on the gear if it wasn't to be installed one way eh? Might explain why your marks don't line up.
  10. BTW... You installed the cam gear upside down.
  11. mcma111

    Xr600 differences in engines

    The best thing to do is put two side by side Honda parts fich's on the computer. Bring up the transmission say and compare part numbers. The gears are the same tooth count but the engagement dogs are changed from the early to the later XR's. Same goes for the cylinder and head bolts, cam, cam chain, chain guides. and the list goes on. good luck.
  12. Stretched chain. 1000% positive.
  13. Sell the XR600 and buy a XR650l. You know, it has that magic red GO button...
  14. mcma111

    XR650L Counter shaft replacement parts

    Did you install the kicker intermediate gear and bushing on the right end of the countershaft? If not you will have an open oil feed hole and reduced oil pressure to the gears on the shaft.