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  1. I was thinking the same thing man!
  2. you know quote's like this are really not called for. i don't care if he does or doesn't. if someone else has done it in the past so be it. but saying shnke that pisses mit lie off. i'm black and have never pulled a card like that ever no matter what. so to me comments like that should be kept to yourself. especially around here where younger riders are able to read. if you have a problem with what i ahave said look me up. i'll be more than happy to get my point across.
  3. Twan

    Why is ESPN ruining my life?

    yeah!!! and what i found out is that they won't even air the race until the 28th. what kind of B.S. is that!!
  4. Twan

    Great rides today

    keep riding hard and having fun!! please keep me up dated on the good and bad your rides since i will be not riding for about 6 months plus. will be in J-pan.
  5. Man that just looks painful... I needed a beer after seeing that. Glad you didn't give up riding. Then again I wouldn't think you would anyway.
  6. might as well get that boy a beer now....
  7. Twan

    Synthetic or regular oil???

    from putting all of the info together, I think sleeman has got a good point and has hit a little nail on the head with a big hammer...
  8. Twan

    Synthetic or regular oil???

    ok so really there is no reason, if in a pinch, not to use a different type oil. basically it seems that it depends on how hot the bike gets.
  9. Twan

    Synthetic or regular oil???

    My bike was broke in with regular oil. I changed the oil after the break in with the regular oil and rode it for some time. I just recently changed out to synthetic.
  10. Twan

    Synthetic or regular oil???

    ok sweet!! thanks for the info guys. I will definitly take a hard look into the situation.
  11. Some say that once you go synthetic you should never go back to regular oil. So what's the deal?? Run just synthetic or just regular oil? is it safe to go from one to the other when need be?? I run synthetic and have had no problems but if I find myself in a pinch I wouldl ike to know the deal on the oil question.
  12. man those guys are really out there to take some stuff from a dog like that....lol that is way to funny....lol
  13. DANG!!! i would hate to see when she gets scared or see's what she thinks is a monster and gets really bug eye'd.
  14. Twan

    Tracks or Trails?

    both...all depends on how i feel that day.
  15. Twan

    suspected terrorists

    that was funny as hell!!!