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  1. baddos

    New 2019 300 XC-W TPI

    See this video for more info:
  2. baddos

    YZ250X Vibration?

    I have both bikes and the vibration on my yzx doesn't bother me.
  3. baddos

    YZ250 Lighting System on the "cheap"

    Cool post some night time pictures when you're all set.
  4. baddos

    New 2019 300 XC-W TPI

    I got a 19 300 tpi as well. I did the essentials, skid plate/bark busters/ disc guard as well as springs for my weight. Optionals I did were radiator fan, spark arrestor and tubliss as I ride tight single track a lot. One thing I don't see mentioned that I think is a must, is switching out the gray throttle cam for the black one. It should come with your manual, really livens up the throttle response. The bike was way too 4strokey for me until I did this.
  5. baddos

    Anyone run a lectron on there yz250?

    What metering rod do you guys run? I bought one for my 250x and I could never get rid of a huge flat spot in the midrange. I ended up going back to the stock carb.
  6. baddos

    Fixing the squish?

    I have a 16 YZ250X and correcting the squish made a world of difference for me. It was the first bike I've ever done it for so I was skeptical at first but it was easy enough to correct if I didn't like the result.
  7. baddos

    Should/Before I buy 250X

    I have a 2016 YZ250X and 2002 YZ250. The 2002 YZ stock suspension was terrible and needed to be revalved right away. The YZX isn't anywhere near as bad as the 2002. As far as the suspension compared to the beta, the beta stock vs yzx stock might be more plush for rocky trails. I know with my bike, it's great for desert stock but rocky gnarly single track leaves a little to be desired. When you get the bike, turn in the rebound clickers a little bit until it gets to the plushness you want and then take it from there. In order for it to totally match want you want though you'll probably need a revalving.
  8. baddos

    Top end problems

    How is the seal on the exhaust pipe to the cylinder? Are the reeds in good condition? You can check those without doing a leak test. Remember if the exhaust pipe is damaged and not sealing correctly that will greatly lean your motor out.
  9. baddos

    2016 yz250x with RB head mod

    I had mine done, and I immediately noticed more low end power on hill climbs. I'm not a pro rider so take it for what it's worth.
  10. baddos

    Radiator Guards

    I use bulletproof on my 16 250x and on my ktm 500exc. They are solid.
  11. baddos

    Looking at YZ250X?s

    I'm fat so I always replace the springs on new bikes.
  12. baddos

    Spacer in the reed valves ?

    I'm not sure what the technical name for that block is, but it's essentially a port to forces the air/gas volume a certain way. They are lose in both my YZ bikes, so I'm assuming it's normal. I would assume it doesn't move when the air/gas volume is being sucked through it.
  13. baddos

    2016 vs 2017 YZ250X

    I have a 2016 and the front brake is fine for me. I imagine some A class racer might want the 270. Personally, I think black rims is the dumbest ideas to ever come to dirtbikes.
  14. baddos

    YZ 250X 2017

    I have a 2016 250X and there is no reason for me to do a big bore kit. Just get the jetting dialed and enjoy it.
  15. baddos

    how does this spark plug look

    Side to side play is ok, it's up and down play that is bad. Your manual has specs for how much play it should have before it's bad.