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    ^ did you go to Jibtopia today? How were the new trails? I think I am going on Sunday.

    Raleigh/Durham riders

    From what I heard from Jibtopia is the riders are not supposed to know the course the week before. If anyone went out there, a good chance they were riding on random trails. VXCS says the course is really good (of course they would, right) and it's going to be a really fun race. The race trails will not be overgrown. With that said, I haven't been out there since the new trails have been cut but I have been in the past. Some "good" trails can be overlooked or passed, if you don't know where to turn. You can do a loop with all the good trails, once you know where to go The trails are more intermediate if you ask me. Good place to work on skills to become better. It's also a great place to bring the family and new riders Yes, I agree an A rider can fly through these trails, but they can also work on their speed skills here (open trails and some tight stuff too). i plan to go there in the near future to check out the new flow. If anyone races this weekend, let us know how it is.


    If you live in Mebane, you should check out Jiptopia Wake Park. It's north on hwy 119 (semora, nc). For you, it's about 30 minutes north, I guess. I live in Hillsbrough and it takes me about 45 minutes. http://jibtopiawakepark.com/ Open from 10am - 8pm. $20 per rider. They have about 8-10 miles of trails of trails. They are open to ATV's too, but when I go I never see any ATV's. The trails are not technical so they are great for a beginners. On the other hand, the trails are fun for anyone and can be ridden fast. There are a few mud holes, but they are not "busco beach deep" and can easily go around them. A couple stream crossing, bridge (look it over first time you decide to cross). The trails are one way and if they are taped off, you can do laps. One lap at a good pace generally kicks my butt. I am going there this Saturday (May 27th) from 10-2:30ish. I will be there with my kids, so I will not be hitting the trails as much, since I will be teaching them how to ride. Feel free to come out and I will point out where to go. You will not get lost, but if you don't know the trails you will overlook some good trails. Some riders are talking about going out this Sunday, but I am not sure if that is confirmed 100%. They have a bar/grill, showers, cabins, and you can camp too.
  4. You can ride all year at this place, but I highly suggest you FB message them to make sure the gate will be open. The owner lives near by and will come by to open the gate, but he needs a heads up (during the off season).
  5. A few of us are going to Jibtopia (near VIR) Dec 30th. I started a new thread. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1210456-jibtopia-semora-nc-dirt-ride-dec-30-friday-10am/

    looking new places to ride

    A few of us are going to Jibtopia (near VIR) Dec 30th. I started a new thread. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1210456-jibtopia-semora-nc-dirt-ride-dec-30-friday-10am/

    Raleigh/Durham riders

    A few of us are going to Jibtopia (near VIR) Dec 30th. I started a new thread. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1210456-jibtopia-semora-nc-dirt-ride-dec-30-friday-10am/
  8. A few of us are planning to go ride our bikes at Jiptopia Friday Dec 30th @10am. Open to all skill levels, since it's a loop you will not get lost. We all ride street and from time to time ride dirt. The water park is closed for the winter, but we will be able to ride the trails. I think the cost is $20 per rider. If you have not been there in 2016, you will have to sign rider's release form. They have a 6-8 mile loop (I am guessing). Trails are one-way and caution taped to block crossings. It is not Brushy Mtn technical, but it is still fun (It kicks my out of shape butt). The trails are wider than a single track (will fit an atv), but some sections have tight turns. If you are a fast rider, you will like the speed you can get on some sections. Last time I was there, there where a few mud holes but running on the side was easy. There is also a large open field for anyone bringing their little kids (if they do not want to try the trails). Jibtopia 15748 NC 119 Semora, NC., 27343

    Raleigh/Durham riders

    I rode Jibtopia last Sunday with three other riders. The new trail loop is better than it was in the past. As it was pointed out, they had a race out there a few weeks ago. It's the same loop, but a small section out towards hwy119 is not part of their trail loop. Next time I will post on here to see if anyone else wants to go. Here is a map to show the current loop.

    Anybody riding brushy or brown tomorrow?

    A few of us are going to Brushy April 23rd, Saturday.

    Raleigh/Durham riders

    A few of us are riding at Brushy Mountain this Saturday April 23rd. I have only been there once and it was worth the drive. Let me know if anyone wants to me up and ride. I am planning to be out there between 8:30-9am.
  12. I had this high pitch sound when riding. This fixed it. Just a FYI for anyone else with the sound.

    CRF250X Video Thread

    Here is last year, in the NC snow.

    Raleigh/Durham riders

    Here is a map of Jibtopia. This is the loop I generally do.

    Raleigh/Durham riders

    I agree. There is room for sure.