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  1. yfz450

    LM1 fuel/air meter?

    No, what are you talking about?
  2. yfz450

    250X won't start

    Pull the pilot jet and blow it out with air. l
  3. yfz450

    Clutch basket removal question...

    One of Hondas poor designs. You need to remove the entire cover.
  4. yfz450

    290 or 280??

    Thumper Racing 290 kicks ass! Not as powerful as a 450 but an incredible increase in torque.
  5. yfz450

    Rekluse clutch for 450x...

    You install all 30!
  6. yfz450

    450x - Wr450 - Exc450

    There os no way you can compare the old WR400 to any new bike. It was a pig. The new WR450is a very good ride.
  7. yfz450

    Rekluse clutch for 450x...

    I just installed one in a 450 X yesterday. You need to cut the two wires on the overide switch and solder them together. This will allow you to start it in gear. The switch is located on the clutch perch. You also need to remove the clutch cable bracket to install the external spring. Its hidden under the carb and behind the starter.The spring also needs to be pulled all the way into the bracket to achieve tension on the spring.
  8. yfz450

    Question for Rekluse Owners....

    Taking all of the slack out of the throttle cable can be very bad. Rev the motor and look at the inner most sleeve through the slit. (you may have to turn the whole assemble to get a visual.) Now pull the clutch to override the Rekluse. The inner sleeve should have a 1/16 th of an inch before it bottoms out. If it bottoms out, then the Rekluse is NOT fully engaging. This is BAD! If there is to much slack or the inner most sleeve is not close enough to bottoming out, it will allow the balls ramp up before the spring has a chance to stop it. This will cause drag and partial disengagement. Remember this adjustment is done with the cable and NOT the override spring adjustment. Remember all of these specs are when the motor is revved and the clutch is engaged!
  9. yfz450

    Ideas for big boar kits YZ250F?

    Thumper Racing 290 kit rips!
  10. yfz450

    Boyesen Accelerator Pump Cover?

    Can't you just install a smaller leak jet to accomplish the same thing?
  11. yfz450

    Break in, and oil consumption

    The Honda only has one compression ring. The motor will smoke and use oil regardless. The small gap in the ring will pull oil into the cylinder all of the time. The only solution is to buy a Yamaha. They use two compression rings. Much better design.
  12. yfz450


    Is it true that the 2cool product stops the oil from foaming and that is what keeps the temps. down?
  13. yfz450

    Two2Cool does it work ?

    Are you saying that the oil foaming is the cause of high temps. and twocool prevents this.
  14. yfz450

    WOW, WR250F No Bog Kit

    Do you really gain anything with one. No one has ever shown any data. If they were so great, don't you think the pros would be all over it.