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  1. rebel1916

    Riding in northern WV

    Odonnks, you are a gentleman and a scholar.
  2. rebel1916

    Riding in northern WV

    Anybody got any info on the north to northeastern part of the state?
  3. rebel1916

    Riding in northern WV

    Yeah bud, thats way the hell south of where I'm talking about.
  4. rebel1916

    Riding in northern WV

    Cmon, nobody in WV has got an opinion on this.
  5. rebel1916

    Riding in northern WV

    My wife and I are considering moving to northern WV, maybe near Morgantown, but maybe east of there. How is the trail riding in that area? Is there plenty of legal/semilegal singletrack, just some pits, only private areas. Basically, what is the state of the area when it comes to trail riding. Thanks
  6. rebel1916

    Works Bikes??

    Practice, Practice Practice...
  7. rebel1916

    MX Boots are clumsy

    that doesnt even make sense...
  8. rebel1916

    James Stewart Penalty Revealed

    I have a real feeling that all these people who are saying that racers know the risks and need to stop whining either don't race, or are kids who don't understand how badly a wreck can affect your life. I race, I am willing to accept risk, I am not willing to accept moronic behavior that could kill me. There is a difference between a racing incident and pure jackassery.
  9. No one said it want an accident. However just because it was an accident doesnt mean it wasnt a bonehead move.
  10. Hayden should have done an Aaron Yates on him.
  11. Im not one who believes in team orders in the sense of letting a teammate thru. However, racing your teammate that aggressively when he is leading the championship (barely) and you are well out of it is inexcusable. Pedrosa comes off as a joyless prick under the best of circumstances, and I wonder if there is some kind of jealousy motivating him. Not that he did it on purpose, but to make such a foolish move at such a crucial point in the season seems almost bizarre. The Honda paddock is likely to be an uncomfortable place over the next 2 years, even if Hayden somehow pulls the championship win out of his ass next week.
  12. rebel1916

    Fishkill, Modena, Cobleskill

    cobleskill exists, modena used to have i believe 4 tracks (counting a flattrack) but bike hatin busybodies got most of them closed down.
  13. bro, with all respect stop complaining and go out and put another few thousand miles on the POS streetbike you have now. You can be ready (by your dad's standards) for that sv by fall. ride in the twisties on the weekends. ride to school. strap a tent to the back and ride to a mx national. than ride to a roadrace national, then ride to a dirt track national. seat time is everything and if you ride the wheels off of that lil ass cruiser, your dad will respect what youve learned. if you keep whining youll probably just annoy him.