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  1. The class I might be ok with it's the engine size that blows away my riding, I ride a 125, limit is 90. Also for those of you who say skip the track, I think this applies everywhere.
  2. All that is true but even after I take that class they restrict me even more after that.
  3. Has anyone read these laws, they are insane! I am 14 and they are pretty much telling me I'm not allowed to ride at all this year! Any input would be great, thanks. http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/dcr/massparks/recreational-activities/off-road-vehicles.html
  4. just got mine off of craigslist, super comfy, now just waiting for the season to start
  5. You can up the bore size for about $100 That is what I'm doing to mine
  6. can you send me the link to those grips?
  7. What aftermarket modifications should I consider for my 03 klx125
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