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  1. Installed the front wiring of the sicass lighting kit (no turn signals) on my 2020. Still need to put the license plate light and brake light in though. Not a huge fan of the switch style on the no-signal kit but its better than the stock push-pull that is in the worst position ever
  2. The new insticts supposedly have good feel but i didnt like the buckle. I still would suggest looking at the tech 7. Foot control comes through and the boot provides real protection. The fox 5 dont provide anything other than ankle support really
  3. My ortho surgeon told me literally every dude over 40 has a torn labrum. might be to a point. mine was falling out of place laying still in bed. https://www.hss.edu/conditions_shoulder-labrum-tears-overview.asp
  4. lmao..just deal with it i guess. maybe ill take my airframe out next summer and get a refreshed comparison.
  5. about what i wear. underlayer/fox titan jacket/jersey.
  6. i wear the titan sport jacket. i dont wear knee protection outside of mx pants fair enough. cant say id be a fan of pulling the pack/armor off all the time as a unit. i think the only issue i really have with sweating is against my back for the most part with the fox jacket. i like the intent of the zacspeed stuff just not enough to buy one myself and try
  7. I used to run some. Couldnt get them to stay either so i bought nicer ones and found them too bulky as well. Ended up rather having freedom of motion than the protection. Made my riding smoother and easier to hop on/off the bike. Appreciate the words of advice. Im aware how long things hurt. Used to race supermoto as well and tore my shoulder labram. Even after surgery it isnt the same it was. Obviously there are risks without them.
  8. I had a pair of comp 5, currently have sidi crossfire 3 srs, and alpinestars tech 7 enduro. The comp 5s definitely let the most feel to the foot for foot control. The sidis are too stiff/plastic imo. But since ive picked up the tech 7s i have been very happy. Might be worth a look
  9. yeah id agree. i dont think any armor over the chest really breathes that well. the mesh on the jacket is like it isnt there but where the armor is there are hot spots. i dont remember it being any different when i had the airframe (which id say is pretty comparable to any of the roost deflectors). i guess the only benefit i could see to the zac speed is it doesnt have any back protection if you see that as a benefit so there arent multiple layers to breathe through. ill be sticking to the titan sport jacket
  10. i run this as well. had an airframe and individual elbow/knee pads before but got tired of the elbows moving, stopped wearing knees completely. the sport jacket is a little warm with a t-shirt under and jersey over though.
  11. Think about it this way. 4 strokes dont have oiling problems when they sit. Its just a mechanical pump vs electric injector. Both have to get oil to the proper spots. Its always the oil still on the surface from previous that prevents wear. I guess if you were really worried you could plug the wake up dongle in real quick
  12. by DVD im pretty sure they just mean CD. im waiting for the 2020 version as well
  13. Its a service manual dvd. this ones for the 19s, havent seen anything for the 20s yet https://www.ktm-parts.com/3206346.html
  14. Guess ill find out. So far the tech 7s seem to have a sturdy buckle design. Imo better than the sidi CF3, i hate that latch
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