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  1. PeckMX#83

    Woods riding in massachusetts

    i would look into it but if i have to spend alot it probally wont be happening. im a poor college student who still drinks pabst
  2. PeckMX#83

    Woods riding in massachusetts

    I'm from western Ma in monson right above Stafford CT and would like to go on these trail rides my bike isn't registered where would i get this done. i bought mine in CT so i hope i don't get whacked for sales tax
  3. PeckMX#83

    Something unique about your bike?

    mine has 1.2345 gallons of gas in it at the time
  4. PeckMX#83

    Graphic Adhesion

    im applying new graphics to my rear fender and shrounds, would it be a good around to rough'en up the plastics with like steel wool so the sticker has a good bond with the plastic? or clean and just apply?
  5. PeckMX#83

    synthetic oil on both sides?

    yea so that Amsoil 10w-40 advanced snyth oil would be find, only reason im asking is becasue im just guna buy 4 gallons of it and that honda stuff get exspenisve
  6. PeckMX#83

    synthetic oil on both sides?

    is it alright to run Amsoil synthetic on both tranny and engine side or should the synth be only engine side? will synth on tranny side cause cluth slipping?
  7. PeckMX#83

    2006 popping when reving????

    Fuel screw my did the same thing it took try like 2 turns out and see how it is, it will clear the popping and bring up the idle at the same time
  8. PeckMX#83

    Buying an 04 and i have a few questions

    i just sold my 04 for 2g new top end minimal mods solid bike had such a hard time selling it so we just sold it for 2g
  9. PeckMX#83

    engine popping and not idleing

    the bike was sitting from september until yesertday, i had the carb completely clean of gas, and i put fresh gas into it, but it does pop which means its to lean like you said, but it wont idle for anything, is that the jets?
  10. PeckMX#83

    engine popping and not idleing

    hey i just brought my 06 crf250 up from the basement to start up it started up great and all, but it wont idle for shit, i tried doing the engine idle but then it pops real bad on decel of the RPM's. if i let idle it will shut off immediatly . the only way it will idle is with the choke on. but i feel if i bump up the idle il get all that popping shit when i ride. i just put a TBT carb insert in it and the jetting was changed, i live in MA and it was about 50-60 outside? could it just be the cold weather
  11. PeckMX#83

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    is your exghaust pipe-end cap on right it looks like it angled to the right
  12. PeckMX#83

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    style check?
  13. PeckMX#83

    one industries clothes

    if you look the majority of the clothes say out of stock
  14. does anyone know anywhere they carry new one industries clothes that are in stock everywhere i look its outta stock or they will have 5 shirts i dont want. i tried looking throught there distrubtion sites and i cant find shit
  15. PeckMX#83

    took off my preprinted backgrounds

    i think goo gone is just lemons and other chemicals or is it limes? if your polish you can smear that all over it, but goo gone does work well