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  1. Retromlc

    Newbie maybe, looking for advice

    You can do the "beta clutch fix" look up a website called trial's central, or just Google the above, also take the clutch side cover off and if it has 6 spring in the clutch basket remove 2 opposing ones, this will smooth out the clutch
  2. Retromlc

    Why Xplor but not AER

    I have enduro revalved AER forks in my tpi 250, they are very good, running 132 PSI, way better than standard Xplor forks and smoother than Xplor fitted with Dal Soggio xp-1 setup, been running then for 6 months,they do need to be enduro valved
  3. Retromlc

    Rear Spring Rate

    Tx spring is probably lighter because the bike is lighter, no F,I, lights etc. Your springs are fine, if you want it smoother adjust the clickers to comfort
  4. Mine is on 64 trouble free hours I've fitted revalved AER FORKS, Revalved rear shock with bladder conversion Next up on rear spring 10mm bar risers Tubliss Obie link guard Carbon exhaust guard Clutch cover guard Swingarm guards Wider flatter foot rests, similar to Beta factory footrests Superspox rear sprocket Fork foot guards Wider rear brake tip Kriega US 5 in rear Brake snake I love this 250tpi
  5. Retromlc

    Do you play with your knobs?

    I never stop adjusting, especially suspension, it drives my mate's mad, but they all seem to like how it feels
  6. Retromlc

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    Having had 2 betas 300 & 250 and now the 18 Husky 250tpi, the Husky is the better bike. If it was me I'd buy a tpi over the carb, we did 4 days on well used 300tpi in Romania, they had 150 hours on them and they ran perfect upto 2200 meters, i spoke to the mechanic and they had had zero issues with the hire bikes.in Romania the standard 300xplor forks with mousse in the front was nothing short of awful At average speeds my front standard xplor forks don't work very well with TUbliss fitted, i fitted Dal Soggio XP-1 kit and it was very good, i also have a set of revalved AER forks and they are slightly better but i suspect with more time on them they will be nuch better. Overall I prefer the 250, but the 300 was awesome for very knarly relentless climbs we had in Romania.
  7. Retromlc

    2017 pipe guard the same as 2013’s?

    From my understanding, virtually everything from upto 16 doesn't fit the 17 onwards.
  8. Retromlc

    2019 tx300, new to aer forks with a couple ?s

    I'm running them on my TPi, after a couple of short rides i sent them to be made plusher, I'm 185lb and run 130psi and around comfort settings, so they are good. Maybe give them.a chance to bed in, play with the air pressure, my.xplore forks were reasonable until they bedded in then they were too soft at high speed hits.
  9. Retromlc

    New 2018 TX300

    Im 210lb kitted, AER have been revalved for enduro, I run 130psi and 19 comp 17 rebound, liking that at the moment
  10. Retromlc

    Husky Cafe: Italian Husky

    Yes i noticed that, about 10days now?
  11. Yeah sure it was LeoTec, he did the rear as well, what i should have done yesterday was refit the xplor forks to ride the same track but it started raining a little which"changed"the track and i thought I'd see how the buke was in slippery conditions. The AER forks I think after this practice are better than the Dal Soggio kit xplor forks, not night and day but seeing as i have spent the money and prefer them I'm happy. Unless you could get a used set of AER forks (18 onwards as i believe they made reliability improvement) very cheaply the Dal Soggio set up is close and cheaper
  12. Today was the first proper test running some TX300 AER forks revalved for enduro, the rear had a re-valve tweak to help with the square hits and a bladder conversion, overall an improvement on the Dal Soggio XP-1 kit xplor forks.
  13. Retromlc

    Beta 300 2018/2019 engine vibrations

    When i first bought a Beta it didn't vibe much,but it was about the same as I was used to, i got back on one after owning the Husky 250tpi and i couldn't live with any brand of bike that doesn't have a counterbalance engine, you really notice the vibes
  14. Retromlc

    KYB SSS Forks on 2014 Beta 250 rr

    Although there are no grub screws i swapped the lower feet off some ktm 4cs forks for the husky tx300 ones so i could convert to AER inserts/fork's, we took our time, it was a simple job