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  1. mok4200

    Front brake wont bleed?

    I reverse bled the system and it actually made it worse, now I have no pressure at all. There is no point in the brake line where the line itself if higher than the MC, I'm at a loss.
  2. mok4200

    Honda CRF450R (2002)


    I like the bike itself, but i've been doing nothing but maintenance on it, last owner trashed this thing.
  3. mok4200

    Honda CRF450R 2002

    I like the bike itself, but i've been doing nothing but maintenance on it, last owner trashed this thing.
  4. Recently i decided to take off my caliper so i could clean all the caked dirt off, and replace the brake pads, after which i reinstalled everything as it was. I have a one man self bleeder system (suction gun), but i can't seem to build correct pressure after bleeding my brake. I fill up the master cylinder, then with the bleeder screw closed, i build suction, then crack open the bleeder screw and it sucks the brake fluid out. I've done this about 30-50 times, it builds some pressure, but not enough to lock the wheel while the bike is in motion. any ideas?
  5. Just bought this bike, but this noise has gotten louder and louder. To me it sounds like the cam chain, but I tool off the valve cover and I don't feel any slack. Any ideas?
  6. mok4200

    All engine oil consumed?

    I have not checked, didn't think to since they're separate, but that that makes sense if the seal failed. I'll check that when I get home, thank you!
  7. mok4200

    All engine oil consumed?

    Just bought a used bike, noticed the oil was black, did a complete flush and change with filter, then rode about 3 hours worth, checked my oil sight glass and it was absolutely empty, even tried tipping the bike, and I couldn't see any in the window. I don't see any oil leaks, the exhaust is a little blue, but an entire quart in 3 hours? Any ideas what could be causing this or where the hell my oil is?
  8. mok4200

    Oil starved engine cause this?

    The spark plug looked fine, not white or covered in gas, and if the throttle was still open when we adjusted the cable, wouldn't it idle high? Because it didnt, it returned to normal after there adjustment
  9. mok4200

    Oil starved engine cause this?

    I talked to her dad (who is the mechanic), and he said that is unlikely, because bad seals would mean it wouldn't draw in any gas at all, but i'm going to bring it over there today and see what he thinks
  10. We recently had my girlfriend's 01 RM125 rebuilt, bottom has a weisco crank, top has a Numera piston, all gaskets replaced as well, and his been broken in since. After unloading the bike this weekend (only 2nd time out after rebuild), i tried to start the bike but it wouldnt kick over, so we bump started it with my dads quad and the throttle was pinned, immediately shut it off and inspected the cable, looked fine, started it, still pinned. Adjusted the throttle at the handle, and that seemed to do the trick (though it was fine when we put it away last). I took the bike out for a test ride the next day, made it about a mile, and it shut off, have very very little compression. Bring it back to the site and this is what i see. Does this look like a result of oil starve? we always mix 32:1.
  11. mok4200

    clutch issues...ideas?

    I'm not sure, I'll give him a call later on today
  12. mok4200

    clutch issues...ideas?

    He said everything else appears to be in good working order
  13. mok4200

    clutch issues...ideas?

    Trying to figure out the issues the clutch is having on my girlfriends 2001 RM125. Re just rebuilt the motor top and bottom, and put a new clutch basket in. Her dad is the one that did the work as he is a retired motorcycle mechanic. The issues it is having is, when you go to kick it into first, it sounds like the gears are mashing, its pretty loud, and can sometimes even make it stall if you dont give it gas when you do it. it is very loose, in the sense that you have to let it almost all the way out to hit the friction zone. We've tried adjusting the clutch cable several times, but doesnt help, maybe it is stretched? Any other ideas? its a oil bath and the oil is new and fill level is accurate.
  14. Not to mention, before I did the rebuild I spent weeks tracking down a discontinued $169 fork center bolt, a discontinued push rod, oh, and threw $150 worth of bearings into the cushion lever, I just wanted to ride
  15. Wielywilly, no I don't have road rage or hit women. You kidding me? Throwing my helmet after dumping hundreds of dollars into my bike doesn't mean I'm a psychopath, In addition, this post is about removing a screw, not evaluating my temper. The ploblem turned out to be the new NGK plug I put in the bike didn't seem to get along with the fuel, it fouled out, and I didn't have any tools on me. Walking a bike 2 miles through Sandy woops won't make many people happy.