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  1. Bandit0

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Finally installed a kicker kit.
  2. Bandit0

    Help after lowering Drz 400

    If you can, try a lower seat. Lowering links or reduced (increased?) preload should be a last resort.
  3. Bandit0

    Should I get rs3 or MRD Z pro?

    The power difference is negligible. The big gains come from the header being larger which I expect you'd get with both systems. I think you'd notice it more on an SM vs. an S due running at higher RPM's more often. While I've never had an MRD, I do have the Yosh and like it. If you are concerned with noise, I'd get the Yosh.
  4. https://atvconnection.com/articles/atv-throttle-conversion-kit-review-moose-racing-dual-gasser-2/ I have no experience with these, but maybe a good compromise. Besides cable specifics, I am not sure if they would have enough throw to go from closed to WFO.
  5. Bandit0

    Drz 400 died when washing

    Try draining the carb. Water in a float bowl can be hard to get rid of without draining it.
  6. Bandit0

    Crankcase drainplug cracked :(

    11301-29853 I looked up a 2006 S model, but it's common to only get the main crankcase as a set. Not sure if an older model or an E or K would be different, but I'd doubt it.
  7. Bandit0

    Crankcase drainplug cracked :(

    The cases new retail for $921. You could probably find them online new for $700 or so. Labor would be 5-6 hours or more. (plus all the little things you should change while you are in there) So, $1500 or less I'd guess. The repair should be cheaper, but as Noble said, the oil residue is going to make it hard to get a good weld. Maybe look for a used engine? You could probably find one for the same price as the new crankcases. Swap out the top end if needed (or rebuild it) and you're gtg.
  8. Bandit0

    Ultimatum - Have to sell my 2017 DRZ-400SM

    You can always come down, but you can never go up. I's start it high and see what happens. Like I said before, it can really make a difference how many new models are available. edit: Sorry, misread your meaning with that one.
  9. Bandit0

    Ultimatum - Have to sell my 2017 DRZ-400SM

    I agree with Ohio: I'd go right to the bank with any prospective buyers. Fake bank checks are common and look very convincing. Generally, it tales 2 years or so for the value of a new bike to balance out. (if that makes sense)
  10. Bandit0

    Ultimatum - Have to sell my 2017 DRZ-400SM

    The shop I work at does a lot of consignment sales. I would look into that in your area. One benefit (aside from weeding out CL knucklheads) is that they can offer financing. You have a better chance IMO of getting top dollar from someone who is signing a dotted line vs. haggling with cash. They also most likely have insurance to cover test rides and such. Either way, be prepared to take a significant hit. Even a pristine used bike is worth less than new. The second it goes out the door, the price drops. The price can depend on you location and the availability of new models. For example: In my location, many of the shops are out of 2017 S and SM models, so a used one would go for a bit more until the new models are shipped.
  11. Bandit0

    New CVK40 convert

    It will be slightly worse. I don't have exact numbers as the type of riding I do makes a drastic difference. (woods, fire roads, pavement) 52 is very good. At the same time, these are not designed to be fuel efficient commuters. Get a scooter if you want to see more.
  12. Bandit0

    Petcock on prime for 4 days

    If the float and seat o-ring are in good shape, there is nothing wrong with it being on prime. It's also not the mechanics fault that you didn't look at the valve before removing the line.
  13. I ride alone a lot. I just skip parts that look sketchy. If you can't, walk it first and try to find the best line. It's not as fun and can be slow, but it's worth it. I am not sure what the terrain is like where you are, but I imagine it is similar to what I ride in New England. Most times you can spot the dangerous spots ahead of time. Sometimes you just can't.
  14. Bandit0

    Stalls on downshift

    Do you have a tach to see what the idle speed actually is? It may seem OK, but actually be a hair too low. That would be my first guess. I suppose it could also be tight valves, but that's a guess.
  15. Bandit0

    Raptor petcock problem

    True. I have only seen that once or twice, but it is possible. This is usually found by a rich condition as the vacuum will suck fuel into the intake.