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  1. Mech


    HI, HOw does this helps the bike in power band area?
  2. Mech

    which 200 off road better?

    It has to be the KTM200. It the king in this Class. : )
  3. Mech

    top speed

    Hey, MY is 100MPH with 15/48 gearing on hightway. : )
  4. Mech

    F*****g Carb slide

    Sorry, Sudco don't sell this parts made of others materials like titanium.
  5. Mech

    WR bits for sale in oz

    Hi Fitzy, I am interested in your Super Motard rim E-mail me at nthwind@pacific.net.sg
  6. Mech

    F*****g Carb slide

    Hi, I just broke my too. Darn it. Sudco don,t sell this parts. : (
  7. Mech

    iridium plug worth $10 ??

    Yes. They are worth the money, as I can feel the bike revving a little bit longer and pulls a little bit harder. Or it is just my illusion. Just my though. : )
  8. White Brothers S bend shorty is the best for low to mid range power.
  9. Mech

    Can't post reply.

    Hi Bryan, I think there is some error in your program causing unable to post a reply.
  10. HI, Will keep you informed about this.
  11. Mech

    98 to 00 WR Stock Exhaust Baffle

    HI Pyroted, I have search through the profiles but could not find your E-mail address. Or can you e-mail me at nthwind@pacific.net.sg for the details. Thanks for your help.
  12. Mech

    TwoDads Racing

    Hi, Anyone got TwoDads Racing E-mail or webpage address?
  13. Mech

    98 to 00 WR Stock Exhaust Baffle

    Hi to all, Thanks for all the help. But I really do need the stock baffle only.
  14. Hi, In one of my local shop they have a plastic tank for the DT200WR laying around costing over $400 singapore dollars. If you really do want it I can check it out for you.
  15. HI, Does anyone out there have a stock Baffle for sale. If you do and wants to get rid of it, please feel free to drop me a mail at nthwind@pacific.net.sg Thanks