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  1. I have a 1990 DR350S. Its a great bike but I am busy turning it into a project. Now that Works Performance is gone who do you go to to have a custom high end shock made?
  2. Hodakaguy1A

    1990 DR350S Dies after about a mile or so

    It wasn't bent. It was in the wrong hole. When I went to put it together I found that the washer over the top of the needle was missing. The previous owner said he " cleaned the carb " So it appears he left it out. I machined a washer out of stainless. went for a ride today and it runs GREAT!!
  3. Hodakaguy1A

    1990 DR350S Dies after about a mile or so

    Well I finally found the time to take apart the DR35-0S carburetor. You won't believe what I found! Check the attached pictures!! This is EXACTLY as it came apart!
  4. Hodakaguy1A

    1990 DR350S Gas Tank

    I am considering a larger gas tank for my 90 DR350S. Which one is the best? Best looking? Easiest to install? Thanks!!
  5. Hodakaguy1A

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    My 1990 DR350S
  6. Hodakaguy1A

    1990 DR350S Dies after about a mile or so

    Well, the Yamaha petcock came today! I cant believe it got here so fast. I put the new valve on, capped off the vacuum port and fired it up. While it did help a lot, it still sputters and coughs. It is much better from 0-1/4 throttle. After that it starts breaking up especial if you whack it open quickly. I have not taken the carb apart yet. Any suggestions? Thoughts? Thanks!
  7. Hodakaguy1A

    Lage Capacity Gas tank for 1990 DR350S

    I have a 1990 DR350S. I am considering a larger capacity tank. There are pretty musch 3 choices from what I see on line. Any advantages/disadvantages in any of them?
  8. Hodakaguy1A

    1990 DR350S Dies after about a mile or so

    Update!!!!! I pulled th tank off and started hunting. Intake filters on the petcock were not plugged. I lipped the vacuum hose on the valve and put my vac gun on it AND could get NO vacuum!. Looking carefully at the vacuum line it is split and deteriorated!! I have the Yamaha petcock on the way so this will be a thing of the past anyway!
  9. Hodakaguy1A

    1990 DR350S Dies after about a mile or so

    I pulled the fuel line off of the carburetor. In the prime position it seems to flow fine. I would assume if I rode it in " prime " and the problem goes away, that would verify the petcock is bad? I have ordered the Yamaha petcock reguardless
  10. Hodakaguy1A

    1990 DR350S Dies after about a mile or so

    I saw in another post that it is a good idea to swap out the petcock for a Yamaha 600 ? Could that cause this issue?
  11. Hodakaguy1A

    1990 DR350S Dies after about a mile or so

    I have a 1990 DR350S. Just had it shipped from Illinois to NY. It has 1955.0 miles on it. I bought it from the original owner. It will start easily, BUT after about a mile or so it starts coughing and choking. If it sits a min it will light right back up then do it again a mile or less later. Almost feels like it's starving for fuel. It is a great machine but I need to solve this before I can get out on it!!
  12. Hodakaguy1A

    1981 Suzuki RS 175

    The dimpled plates are to retain residual oil. Many aftermarket plates do not have this. I have use both and had no problems
  13. Hodakaguy1A

    1876 XL 350 Compression

    I bought ( dirt cheap ) a 78 XL 350 that looks preety nice. It has good spark. The carb will need rebuilding as gas pours out of it. When the kicker is pushed there is very little resistance... like compression is low. I squirted some oil into the cylinder and it mad no differenec. I don't see any type of compression realease. ( ?) The question is: is the a Compression realeas? If so how is it used? Is it automatic and thats why compression feels low? HELP!
  14. Hodakaguy1A

    1984 XL600 No Spark

    I bought an 84 XL600 dirt cheap. It is in amazing condition BUT there is no spark. The previous owner replaced the ignition coil, pulse coil, CDI box all brand new in an attempt to gain ignition.I have never owned a 4 stroke or a Honda XR/XL. I need a starting point and a logical way to go about fixing the spark!! Also, kicking this thing over takes and elephant! I don't know if the decompressor works. Can someone clue me in on the decompressor, how to ck it and the starting procedure Thanks, Brian