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  1. Hi guys, I've got a bit more time on my 17 450 SXF now and while I love the characteristics of the stock engine and exhaust, the stock can is showing some wear and I'd like to replace it with a new Slip-On. I would usually consider a full system but I don't see the need with this bike, plus they are way too expensive these days. What systems and Slip-ons have you guys experimented with and what did you like or dislike about them? Personally I am looking for a system that simply improves upon an already great power curve, I do not want to change the characteristics of the bottom, mid , or top end, I believe I read somewhere that there is a pipe out there that gives a slight performance increase across the entire range but can't recall which brand that was. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm curious on this too. Does it also have a Map switch button that you can mount on the handlebar? I have a 17 and I like the map button on the handlebar, would want to have a similar feature with the GET. And does GET come with 10 pre programmed modes that they recommend for various types of riding or do you have to configure those 10 modes on your own?
  3. Hey guys, I'm 160lbs without gear. Ride MX only. Currently running about 150PSI in the forks and ride mostly at a hard packed track. I'm wondering if I should be dropping down to about 145PSI at my weight though. The suspension works great however it does feel a tad too stiff for me and I can tell I'm not using full travel unless i over jump one of the larger jumps by mistake (which happens from time to time and is fine). Anyone else around have suggestions for my weight?
  4. Hey so what did you decide to go with? And what did the MXA magazines say about those systems? I for some reason thought I read somewhere that the stock exhaust was the best? but maybe I'm just getting old lol
  5. adamdf

    2017 450 SXF gearing

    HI guys, I have the same question. I use mine strictly for MX and was thinking of adding one tooth to the rear (49T) in order to help me pull 3rd in the corners as sometimes I find 2nd is too low and 3rd is too high (for the tighter corners) and this requires me to come into the corner in 2nd, and have to shift to 3rd right at the exit, I think if I could just pull 3rd instead then that would be a heck of a lot better. I think this would be an easy improvement to what Is pretty much a perfect bike, on that same token I wouldn't want the increase in sprocket size to change any of the things I already love about it! I think one of the mags (Dirt Rider I believe) had mentioned the same sensation with regards to the gearing between 2nd and 3rd as well. What are your thoughts ?
  6. HI guys, just want to say a special thanks to Kris (Kmkommes) and Tomtopdog12 for helping out tremendously with this! The bike is up and running and should be able to take it out to the track tomorrow to break in the fresh motor and to start finally enjoying my new ride. I'll be sure to post updates on how everything goes! Thanks again!
  7. yes please send me some photos!! That would be awesome! Thanks man
  8. The bike is at the workshop that my close friend owns, i'm heading back there again in the morning and I'll post an update. As for the bike shutting down, it shutdown with just 2 Hours on the hour meter! Valve dropped during break in, needed an entirely new top end, the dealership and KTM took care of me whiich was great but its taken a while and i'm looking forward to getting it back on the track. I dont think you have anything to worry about, clearly mine was a freak situation that is quite rare.
  9. The tank is already off, i'll have another look and send an update.
  10. Yes but noticed another plug which fits the gear sensor so there is a chance we were using the wrong primary plug for the gear sensor..HOWEVER, we are trying to figure out now where that one with the Purple and Blue cable goes and it doesnt fit anything else it seems! These are the cables from the ECU from the factory and were never touched, this bike is brand new, nothing has changed, this is mind boggling!
  11. TOM, Can you tell me what year your bike is? And do you have a plug with a blue purple and black cable that you can tell me where that goes? Thanks
  12. Thanks Tom! Let me check mine again to make sure I actually have a connector with a green wire, ill let you know. Thanks!
  13. Thanks! I checked the Gear Sensor part number for 16 and 17 models and they are the same so if you have a look at yours that should tell us where this all goes, thanks!
  14. Hello all, Some of you might recall that I had to pull the motor out of my brand new 17 450 SXF and send it back for Warranty repairs. We now have the motor back and noticed that the Gear shift sensor does not seem to connect to anything. So we spoke to the dealership and they ordered a new sensor with the correct part number and sent it for us, only to see that its the exact same one that came back with the motor and theres no way to connect it to the ECU. Ive attached some photos here of what I am talking about and am hoping that some of you can help. Do you know if there is a KTM ECU wiring scheme that we can refer to? See photos below: The cable with the Red and White wires is the one for the Gear Sensor. We are assuming that it needs to plug into the Cable with the purple and blue wires but the plugs dont fit, they are the exact same size! Are we missing something here? Look forward to your replies and thanks!
  15. My 2017 came with the cam. I don't see the extra set of grips you are speaking of.