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  1. KXMike

    specs for an 00 xr100

    whats the stock carb settings
  2. KXMike

    07 250f whats the scoop?

    its taller than the 06 and pulls much harder. on the 07 i went side by side with a guy on an 06 kx250f and a 290 kit and pulled him off the straight.
  3. i spray it with carb cleaner then put it up to a magnet to get any steel peices off of it. then blow it out run water through it then soak it in carb cleaner and spray it out with air and let it dry. works perfect
  4. KXMike

    south texas motocross

    bugman is a quad rider, no one listen to him jk
  5. I am #17 jumping a table with a buddy #3 at Three Palms in Houston, Texas. Crossed up on the face and corrected it as much as I could but heres how i landed: saved it and didnt touch the ground
  6. KXMike

    Omg Chain Lube That Works

    i know but i am too scared to try another type of chain lube since this is working perfect for me.
  7. KXMike

    Mike Brown Injured.

    what failed on the monster energy teams KX250f wasn't even manufactured from Kawasaki. the valves were pro circuit so don't say Kawasaki's are unreliable well at least 05-07. 04 250f's are a different story.
  8. KXMike


    this stuff is the best oil i have used so far. a little expensive but worth every penny. i also change it every 5 hours and probably could go more but i wont let myself. this is what i recommend.
  9. KXMike

    Omg Chain Lube That Works

    chain wax is all i use. gooooood stuff and it goes on gold so it makes my gold chain look even better. then when the chain wax dries i put heavy motor oil on it so it stays lubed. chains lasts forever doing this.
  10. the rev limiter is where all the power is on 4 strokes.
  11. KXMike

    is the 07 kx250f any good?

    bs, 60 hours in 2 weeks? thats almost 5 hours a day of riding. i have 70 hours on my 06 kxf and i have had it since december. i ride every weekend too.
  12. KXMike

    Fair Class rule PASSED ! ! ! !

    so i have to race the 250 class on my kx250f? thats gay im going to NASCAR.
  13. do you guys have problems with this gear staining?? i am about to get some and didnt want to ride in it once can get it stained and ruin it. http://thormx.com/Product.jsp?product_path=1270-1276 click on the celtic gear (White/Green)
  14. KXMike

    thinking about getting at 07 kxf250

    bs, you cant put 60 hours on a bike in 2 weeks!!!!! or can you??? thats crazy
  15. 2 strokes rev higher than 4 strokes. my 125 revs to ALMOST 15,000 rpms. crazy right. i never have seen the point in hitting the rev limiter on the line before the race has even started. on the track the rev limiter is part of riding aggresive. on the starting line before the 30 second is even turned sideways that is just STUPID. i dont see the point in that