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  1. doug the slug

    2004 Rhino 660 Chronic Overheating Issue

    You're right, no tstat is shown although the same motor in the Grizzly uses one. You should check the exhaust alright, any blockage could cause this. Not sure what might be ignition related.
  2. doug the slug

    2004 Rhino 660 Chronic Overheating Issue

    I should add that it may be the thermostat has stuck closed which would restrict the coolant flow.
  3. doug the slug

    2004 Rhino 660 Chronic Overheating Issue

    So the fan is running all the time, but it's still heating up? Might be a failing water pump, there's not much else involved.
  4. doug the slug

    98 Yamaha timberwolf 250 no spark

    Going to the aftermarket is usually what people do, cost being the main reason. Sometimes the connections aren't the best and need to be modified. In many cases the parts are only available as an assembly so you change them all together. RM Stator or the Ricky Stator places are your best bet.
  5. doug the slug

    98 Yamaha timberwolf 250 no spark

    If it were me, the stator & pickup coil would both get replaced. Pretty common to see those failures with Yamaha quads.
  6. doug the slug

    2005 CRF450r for 2009 650 bruteforce ?

    For anyone looking to buy a used ATV I would not recommend the Brute Force. I've worked on a few of them and they seem to have more problems than other (Japanese made) brands.
  7. doug the slug

    Help with outlander 330 clutch

    I believe those clutches came that way from the factory. Sounds like it's working normally & the smaller motors don't have the torque to engage at a lower rpm.
  8. doug the slug

    What's wrong with this bike !?

    It could be something as simple as a loose wiring connection. Since you've pulled a lot of the wiring harness off the bike I'd go through them and make sure they're clean & tight. Sometimes the stator wires look ok but just removing them and reconnecting can improve the electrical side of things. A squirt of WD40 helps too, water from pressure washers gets into those tight spots. Just another one of the basics to cover, hope this helps.
  9. doug the slug

    07 CRF450R problems

    I noticed that same problem on mine, changed to a FMF Q4 pipe and a JD jetting kit (on a CRF450X) and it then worked great!
  10. doug the slug

    07 CRF450R problems

    Can you describe the symptoms again? Is it still backfiring loud or popping on decel now...can it idle...is anything different/better than when you started?
  11. doug the slug

    07 CRF450R problems

    When you rebuilt the carb did you check for the o-ring being in place on the idle mixture adjuster screw?
  12. doug the slug

    Should the cam shaft turn by hand

    As long as the cam lobes aren't in contact with the valves, then I believe it should turn by hand quite easily (assuming the chain is not connected). The spec used should be 7.2 ft/lb. The exhaust cam is different since it involves a decompresser. Better take it apart and have a good look in there, something doesn't sound right.
  13. doug the slug

    2007 YZ450F Fuel in oil, bike quit, won't start

    I just did it myself, just have to find the specs to compare too...
  14. doug the slug

    2007 YZ450F Fuel in oil, bike quit, won't start

    I just went through the rebuild process on the same motor that was damaged before I owned it & learned a few things. I am in agreement that the timing may be off (cam timing that is) & you need to look at the cams. The timing may look ok with the sprocket marks, but it's possible that (like mine) the cam has slipped on the mount with the sprocket and messed up the timing.
  15. doug the slug

    What happened here?

    That piece would be from the decompresser that's built into the exhaust cam. It should be included with the new cam. Normally those parts would be factory assembled and not something you'd be taking apart.