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  1. I noticed that same problem on mine, changed to a FMF Q4 pipe and a JD jetting kit (on a CRF450X) and it then worked great!
  2. Can you describe the symptoms again? Is it still backfiring loud or popping on decel now...can it anything different/better than when you started?
  3. When you rebuilt the carb did you check for the o-ring being in place on the idle mixture adjuster screw?
  4. As long as the cam lobes aren't in contact with the valves, then I believe it should turn by hand quite easily (assuming the chain is not connected). The spec used should be 7.2 ft/lb. The exhaust cam is different since it involves a decompresser. Better take it apart and have a good look in there, something doesn't sound right.
  5. I just did it myself, just have to find the specs to compare too...
  6. I just went through the rebuild process on the same motor that was damaged before I owned it & learned a few things. I am in agreement that the timing may be off (cam timing that is) & you need to look at the cams. The timing may look ok with the sprocket marks, but it's possible that (like mine) the cam has slipped on the mount with the sprocket and messed up the timing.
  7. That piece would be from the decompresser that's built into the exhaust cam. It should be included with the new cam. Normally those parts would be factory assembled and not something you'd be taking apart.
  8. Don't believe there are any o-rings used on the cylinder, just those dowel locater pins I think.
  9. OK, it sounds like a good time to get out sledding. Hope those sleds work out for you if you get them!
  10. In the central interior of BC, about 5 hr. north of Vancouver. We're getting above average snowfall and below average temps now so our sledding season looks pretty good.
  11. Sure thing....let us know how the deal turns out! Do you have good snow in your area? Ours is amazing this year.
  12. At that price I would probably go for it, I did like to ride my old 800 a lot....even the newer ones would need motors eventually. One thing to check on (if you get the Doo) is the rubber intake manifolds which tend to fall apart and cause problems.
  13. I have experience with Ski Doo 800 models from that year and I wouldn't recommend them. The cranks would often fail, taking out the crankcases with them - an updated motor, preferably a factory shortblock was the best, long term route to go with them. Some Polaris 550 motors also had issues - lean jetting was causing melt downs I remember. Unless these problems have already been dealt with, I'd say pass on those sleds.
  14. good to know! keep us updated how it turns out.
  15. will you be attempting the rebuild yourself?