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  1. doug the slug

    2005 Polaris Predator 90 Starter system

    After replacing the starter motor, did you try connecting 12 volts directly to it? If it turns over fine, then you know the trouble is in the wiring system somewhere. If it doesn't, then either the motor is no good under load or there is something internal that has failed (like a starter clutch/one way bearing).
  2. doug the slug

    No start caused by a bad pulse generator?

    Sorry but I can't explain why you're getting those results, but I can suggest you try another plug cap if you haven't already. Sometimes it's too loose where it connects to the wire or the wire is corroded at the end. Snip it off with wire cutters and try again. Simple enough & it can cause trouble like you've described.
  3. doug the slug

    Trimoto 125 won't start

    Carb may have a leaking needle & seat (aka float valve) letting in too much fuel.
  4. doug the slug

    Trimoto 125 won't start

    The last time I had an ancient Yamaha to get running, the original TK carb was useless. I ended up changing to a Chinese Mikuni to get it fixed. It should still start, even with a junky carb unless the motor got badly flooded. After attempting to start the beast, does the plug come out looking wet? If all else fails, I would suspect the crank seals are leaking at this age. How long has it been since this motor ran at all?
  5. doug the slug

    ebay heated grips?

    If those are meant for ATV use, I doubt they're usable for twist throttles. You need the heating elements that stick to the bars or throttle tube with normal grips over top.
  6. doug the slug

    No start caused by a bad pulse generator?

    This sounds similar to one I was trouble shooting, turned out the piston skirt was broken. Still made compression but would barely (if ever) try to start. Also check the exhaust for obstruction, like a broken baffle. Lots of little things to worry about!
  7. doug the slug

    No start caused by a bad pulse generator?

    I would consider that pulse generator to be in spec. When they fail, usually there's no spark and the ohm test would be way off.
  8. doug the slug

    No start caused by a bad pulse generator?

    Could be a leaking crank seal causing this too.
  9. doug the slug

    Oil switch. I want that smell good buhht??

    Just a warning, 927 does not like cooler temps - it separates from the fuel. Here in the frozen north it's only safe to use it in the summer, during spring and fall the stuff will thicken and drop to the bottom of the carb/tank. I tested it in a clear plastic bottle and couldn't believe how easily it separates at lower temps.
  10. doug the slug

    400l sport polaris 97

    Getting about 50 mph out of it sounds pretty normal to me.
  11. doug the slug

    400ex wont start

    You can buy the one way bearing by itself but it's possible that you'll need the outer housing that the bearing runs inside of. This part wears along with the bearing and it's always better to replace both as a matched set. If the bearing doesn't engage properly, then the problem will still remain. That's why the price is higher and Honda sells these parts together.
  12. doug the slug

    400ex wont start

    The electric starter system uses a clutch with a one-way bearing that is worn out. A new one costs around $150 or so, not sure how much labour is involved.
  13. Since I've worked in bike shops for many years, tire changes became pretty routine. A buddy of mine rides a Harley and wanted help changing his rear tire. It turned out to be one of the toughest tire changes I ever tackled. The wheel was spoked and fairly narrow (bike was an older 90's model) so there was a tube involved. After fighting, sweating and cursing with that bugger it was finally on....time to grab some beer and relax. The tire was holding air so I'm relieved, now let's get the tools put away. I had brought over my own tire irons, two of each type - large and small, had used them all I think. Well it seemed like I could only find 3 of the 4, oh well let's grab another beer & BS some more. It still bugged me that one was missing and eventually the search resumed. Suddenly it dawned on my where it was, one of the small ones was still with the tire, trapped between the tube & rubber - made a funny lump there! Never did that one before, makes you wonder how riding on that wheel would have been like?!
  14. doug the slug

    Rear EBC Brake Pad issue

    I doubt it would be the new pads at fault. Usually this is caused by the caliper not getting centred due to seized up "slide pins" - these need to move freely or the brakes will hang up.
  15. doug the slug

    MOTORKOTE in Kodak 400

    No, the belt drive part is separate and doesn't run in oil.