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  1. OK, it sounds like a good time to get out sledding. Hope those sleds work out for you if you get them!
  2. In the central interior of BC, about 5 hr. north of Vancouver. We're getting above average snowfall and below average temps now so our sledding season looks pretty good.
  3. Sure thing....let us know how the deal turns out! Do you have good snow in your area? Ours is amazing this year.
  4. At that price I would probably go for it, I did like to ride my old 800 a lot....even the newer ones would need motors eventually. One thing to check on (if you get the Doo) is the rubber intake manifolds which tend to fall apart and cause problems.
  5. I have experience with Ski Doo 800 models from that year and I wouldn't recommend them. The cranks would often fail, taking out the crankcases with them - an updated motor, preferably a factory shortblock was the best, long term route to go with them. Some Polaris 550 motors also had issues - lean jetting was causing melt downs I remember. Unless these problems have already been dealt with, I'd say pass on those sleds.
  6. good to know! keep us updated how it turns out.
  7. will you be attempting the rebuild yourself?
  8. Wow, that's good to know - never would have guessed.....thanks for the follow-up!
  9. I'm surprised that you haven't nailed this one yet with all you've tried. Just curious - all those parts that you swapped, how were they obtained? Did you have a way to verify that they worked or are they brand new, oem stuff?
  10. Wow, that's a tough one for sure. About the only part you didn't list trying yet is the stator itself (or did you?)
  11. yup, some are that noisy at a low rpm. a little side play in the crank can do that on some motors
  12. Time for a new air filter too I bet...
  13. I doubt that the chain could be off on the bottom gear - that wouldn't be likely. As long as the cam sprocket marks are where they belong the chain can not change, if there are 13 pins, then so be it! How do the cam lobes look when it's timed this way, is everything look in sync?
  14. If the cam timing was off when you got the bike, it's possible that the cam sprocket has somehow slipped on the cam itself. They're a press fit and I've had this happen to my YZ450 after it exploded. Was there any sign of piston to valve contact? Also, make sure that there's the correct amount of oil in it - too much and they are also hard to start.
  15. Last night Carson Brown came up to Canada and won the Pro Lights class against some tough competition at the Arenacross in Armstrong, BC. He was on a Kawasaki but does anyone know if it's the 2 Stroke or not?