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  1. Orvis309

    Silly season 2017

    No, Malcolm is still Geico, Kroc is going HRC
  2. Orvis309

    Is Loretta's too easy?

    If you are a top tier A rider odds are it's not your first trip to LL. Who paid for the other trips?
  3. Orvis309

    Is Loretta's too easy?

    Don't forget that 50s race the same track. You can't make it a Pro National track and have little guys ride it.
  4. Orvis309

    Thanks A Lot Douche Coop!

    He got tagged in the back pretty hard by a kawi
  5. Orvis309

    2016 450 ***Chimpionship***

    * or no, he gets paid the same... A lot more than any of us
  6. Orvis309

    Barcia straight up blames the bike..

    I own a '15 YZ250F and YZ450F, First off, they are miles ahead of the '13s. The only real issue I have for setup on the 450 is it turns much better with the rear tire farther forward but then the front end comes up too easy... I do think that the YZ is easier to ride if you are taller, thing is the top riders these days are small. I've ridden most of the modern 450s and although I can corner better on a couple of them I am much more confident on the YZ and feel comfortable at speed on it.
  7. Orvis309

    Milsaps doing the nationals.......

    The top 5 are all still in it, much more interesting than the AMA 450s
  8. Orvis309

    Milsaps doing the nationals.......

    Milsaps is 6 for 6 so far... minus a penalty that put him back to 11th in one moto. Not only has he won every moto but he looks like he's on cruse control once he's out front
  9. Orvis309

    Mx amateur racing

    Look up AMO, CMRC and Motopark cup
  10. Orvis309

    The Reason Roczen Won't Beat Dungey This Summer

    2014 was unusually cold if I remember correctly, and I often don't.
  11. It's one of many tools you can use to win, yes you can get the job done without it but it's easier if you have it.
  12. I'm tall and heavy enough that I can absorb a lot of most jump faces and stay pretty low without scubbing. that being said, if you're doing it right, scubbing works better and feels "normal"
  13. Orvis309

    It cant be true

    My bad, Tomac.
  14. Orvis309

    It cant be true

    He crashed out of a 250 title in spring creek, it didn't take him right out of the series but he hurt himself good and handed the series to Marvin
  15. Orvis309

    Is JMart over trained?

    Not just endurance but power to weight ratio... I'm 215 and just can't make the bike move is the soft stuff like these lightweights can.