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  1. Alx.thumpsit

    DRZ wont stay running

    The "ON" position uses the vacuum to allow fuel to pass. "PRIME" bypasses this feature. Other guy, I think he may have just been confused [emoji14]
  2. Alx.thumpsit

    DRZ wont stay running

    Doesn't having the vacuum hose off introduce air and screw up the ratio?
  3. Alx.thumpsit

    17" front rim w/ 18" rear?

  4. You can do any wiring yourself, no kits mandatory. Up to you how much you wanna DIY.
  5. I got this off eBay, about 35 Canadian dollars at the time. A bit of a pain to install, but tons of output.
  6. Alx.thumpsit

    DRZ Decal I created

    Where?! How???
  7. Alx.thumpsit

    Speedo is incorrect

    Were you on stock e's? **what rim size did you come from?
  8. Alx.thumpsit

    Fuel Injected DRZ

    Or just start selling some kits for us peoples to buy off you [emoji106]
  9. Alx.thumpsit

    LED headlight bulbs

    https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1128135-just-fixed-my-dull-drz-headlight Standard eBay assemblies
  10. Alx.thumpsit

    Trail Tech Endurance II - strange issue

    Power source dropping out and as a result it reverts to the default screen?
  11. Alx.thumpsit


    Where did you get that chain guard and shifter?
  12. Alx.thumpsit

    what tank is that?

    Haha, alrightttt
  13. Alx.thumpsit

    what tank is that?

    Sheesh. Just taking what I read from that article. Lol
  14. Alx.thumpsit

    Idles and quits happened out of the blue

    Those will still have venting. But... How does the vending design look? Less likely to plug?