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  1. dougn

    Rear Spring Sacked Out

    unless the properties of the steel have changed, the spring rate will remain the same
  2. dougn

    TM 300EN first ride day

    now there is some useful information!
  3. dougn

    Rear Spring Sacked Out

    yes same rate
  4. dougn

    2011 Beta exhaust fit a 2016?

    i installed a full Ti leo with a spark arrester it was a little over 2 lbs lighter FYI. BTW removing the kick start saves a whopping t 2 lbs also. not worth it
  5. dougn

    stock 16 4t exhaust weight vs FMF

    yeah i like quiet too. i just ran across and bought a leo full system. i have no idea whats in the muffler but it's a full ti system. it looks nice. we'll see
  6. i looked but couldnt find anything. does anyone know the weight of the stock muffler? vs an FMF say?
  7. i have located a leo Ti full system for a 2011 4 stroke.....the first year of the Beta motor. i know there's a fat chance but does anyone know if this would fit a 2016? the leo muffler clamps are floating/adjusable in spacing. the frame attachment point looks the same on a 2010 vs 2016
  8. dougn

    new arrivals

    what the heck is that aprilia in the background?
  9. dougn

    I'm a believer! Motion Pro fork alignment tool

    yup this is the way to do it bouncing doesnt work at all if you find your clamps are not machined right, get new clamps
  10. i dont recall and i'm in illinois till oct 28 but i think it's around 15 hrs 400mi. maybe less. garaged never crashed. all off road miles
  11. i have a 2016 with real low hours i may be willing to sell. i'm in san jose
  12. dougn

    2019 TM Motorcycles: what's new?

    yeah i think i'll just adapt but i may miss the torque
  13. dougn

    2019 TM Motorcycles: what's new?

    I'm going to buy one....either a en 450 or the en 300 FI. i have had a few big 4 strokes. i have a beta 500 rs currently. the TMs are 20 lbs lighter and i think are set up a little more aggresively. i want the 300 but i don't have an issue riding a 450-500 on technical tight trails. i use the power right off the bottom. so I'm a little worried i will miss that with a 300
  14. dougn

    2017 tm en 300 fi review

    i love the dog chewing on the tastey rabbit!
  15. take the air bleed screw out. put a know weight on the fork till it overcomes the preload and compresses. measure the length of the exposed stantion tube. apply additional weight to compress the fork another couple inches or so. measure the exposed stantion tube length. now you have delta lb/delta in