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  1. oldman

    Adjustment on timing chain for xr200....

    I find tdc on the compression stroke as follows: 1. Remove the intake valve cover. 2. Rotate the engine slowly until the intake valve goes down, then comes back up and stops. From here continue to rotate slightly until the tdc mark on the flywheel aligns.
  2. When I had the exact same starter failure on my 17 300RR I was at 235hrs. Do you know the hrs on yours??
  3. oldman

    17 300RR starter went kaput

    These pics look exactly like mine looked at disassembly. The only signs of a problem with the starter at first was cranking slower than normal but still always starting the bike hot or cold. Then with some more time it started cranking even slower and barely starting the bike. Then with a little more time it would barely turn the engine one revolution and kick out and spin free. This all happened over about a 20hr period.
  4. oldman

    17 300RR starter went kaput

    Actually before pulling the starter I first removed the flywheel, pulled the bendix and inspected everything in that area. All was good including oil in the lower area.
  5. 17 Beta 300rr 235 hrs. I've been having trouble with my starter just spinning the engine about 1 revolution then spinning out. Installed another known good battery and had same problem. Jumped directly to starter motor and had same problem. Removed starter motor from engine. WHAT A PITA THAT IS. When I disassembled the starter I was expecting to find defunct brushes but they were still good. What I found was some of the magnets inside the starter had come unglued from the starter body and were getting chewed up by the armature. I'm not sure why, there were no dings on the starter body, no moisture intrusion and the armature bearings were still ok When I sold my 15 Xtrainer with 435hrs the starter on it was still good. Oh well, never heard of this before but it looks like it is new starter time.
  6. oldman

    48mm sachs OC fork modification

    My 2017 300RR open chamber forks were gold before anodizing. The pic is after hard anodizing.
  7. oldman

    KTM wheels on Xtrainer

    Yes the beta front disc will bolt on to the ktm hub.
  8. oldman

    48mm sachs OC fork modification

    2017 300RR OC forks. At 20 or so hours when I installed a Racetech gold valve kit I found my fluid to be filthy and metaled with fine aluminum and each service after that was the same. After a round and round with Beta in a attempt to get them covered under warranty I decided to fix them on my own dime. For me the fix was at 130hrs to send the red uppers and the internal damping cartridge off for hard anodizing. Now with 230hrs on the bike about 100hrs on the anodizing each time I have serviced the forks the fluid has come out sparkling clean and the forks are working great. BTW at the same time I had a 17 KTM250 xcw with MX TECH cartridges fitted. I have since sold it. I could never get the forks on it to work as good in the rocks as Sachs forks with hard anodizing and racetech revalve. (not their settings)
  9. oldman

    48mm sachs OC fork modification

  10. oldman

    Does your 300 sound similar to lthis?

    Either the video is playing tricks with the sound or you have a bad noisy 300. Certainly much nosier than mine with 225hrs. I would suggest pulling the pipe and shining a light into the cylinder to see if the cylinder shows any signs of scoring.
  11. oldman

    Noisy sprocket-chain

    I call it chain slap and I have noticed the same thing on my 17 300RR, especially at lower rpms in a tall gear. Seems to get worse if the chain is a little loose.
  12. oldman

    2013 300rr crank seal?

    At about 150hrs on my 15 Beta Xtrainer I had the very same problem. I replaced the right crank seal with a seal from a ktm 300. When I sold the bike with 435hrs it was still good. The ktm seal was from the earlier ktm 300 engine, not the later model with balancer. With this being said if there is any free play at the right crank bearing this will not fix the problem and it will require a case split for more parts, also if you are not loosing any tranny oil I doubt the seal would be the problem. The reason I used a ktm seal instead of a beta seal is because a friend had already had the same problem with his beta 300 and fixed it with a ktm 300 seal. One other thing I failed to mention is that my friend and I both also replaced the o-ring behind the collar that the inner part of the crank seal rides on. The collar and o-ring are very similar to the collar and o-ring behind the countershaft sprocket.
  13. oldman

    Anyone using Fasst Flexxbars on their Beta?

    I agree 100% with what OZ DRZ has to say here. I am a 70 year old rocky single track dirt bike rider. In 2016 I logged over 275hrs of seat time on my Beta Xtrainer with flex bars. Because of some knee issues I only logged just over 200hrs during 2017 on my Beta 300RR with flex bars. Without the extra cushion provided by the flex bars there is no way my old bones and joints would tolerate the pounding they get. Along with the other things OZ DRZ mentions here using flex bars is a very big part of the reason I am able to continue riding a dirt bike at my age. If you are old and still riding a dirt bike you need flex bars! Just my opinion. Now if I could just figure out something to cushion my knees more. I have also found that flex bars work great for adding some more cushion to my 83 YZ250 vintage bike forks.
  14. oldman

    YZ 125 1983 Shock Adjuster

    Hey guymx you are exactly right on how the compression clicker works. Sorry I don't have a pic but I removed the cap and measured the small bar or pin which slides in the hole on my 83 shock and it is 3mm thick and 17mm long with rounded ends. Looks like it would be very ease to make one.
  15. oldman

    Podium RC3 spring retainer

    Mine is in the lower slot.