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    Fits 2002, 2003 and 2004 Yamaha WR426 / WR450's Yamaha Lowering Link Used for approximately 2 hours total, tried to make a 03 WR450F lower for my wife, it lowered the bike, but it still was way too much bike for her. $80 shipped to your door


    Almont, Michigan - US

  2. Thanks man for this post, My bike runs good but sometimes it doesn't like to idle, I can adjust the idle 10 times and it still gives me issues I will definitely be replacing the choke plunger asap.
  3. blee03

    Sons 2000 YZ426F issue

    If you click this link ----> http://mybikemanuals.com/?wpfb_dl=193 It will download the manual for a 2000 yz426f However this manual is 3 different languages, one of them is english so you'll have to sort of pick thru it a bit, but everything is there
  4. blee03

    Sons 2000 YZ426F issue

    Sounds like the timing is off... valves are opening at the wrong time
  5. Should I replace them though? I mean they look fine but everyone was all adamant about buying a new fuel pilot jet, I figured maybe these ones need to be replaced as well?
  6. Ok... What is the stock main air jet and stock air pilot jet sizes? I can't this info in my manual. Right now my main air jet is 200 And the pilot air jet is 100
  7. Ok so I took the bike apart and removed the carb. Also pulled the spark plug. 178 Main jet 45 Pilot jet 65 Starter jet I didn't look at what clip the needle was set at, forgot The carb looks pretty darn clean, I will blow compressed air thru the passages before reassembling. The spark plug was barely hand tight, the crush washer was not crushed on the spark plug. The plug tip was white... not sure if it was from jetting or from the plug being barely hand tight and it was sucking in air thru the spark plug threads? What should I do with the jetting?
  8. Import Silvia, thank you for that post, Lots of good info and links in there... you the man!
  9. Thanks Baldwin. I bought a new rear tire and had it mounted today, so question #2 is not really a big deal anymore. Went with the Michelin Starcross 110/90-19 Was going to edit my original post but it looks like after a certain time period you can no longer edit your post(s). So if I do end up getting a 426 silencer, I'll make sure to get the header too. I might start looking for that setup to make oil changes easier, thanks for the info.
  10. (obligatory bike picture included) Yup, I've been searching, I found a lot of good links and info on here already. A few days ago I picked up a 99 YZ400F, decent bike overall, runs strong. I've been doing some maintenance on it, chain and sprockets, brake pads, new air filter. The previous owner already had the front forks/seals done, oil change and a new spark plug. The engine itself sounds really nice, no valve chatter or other odd noises. It pops a lot and has a hard time idling... I pulled off the hot start connector tube to the intake manifold and had a friend plug it with his finger. Seemed to help a ton with the idling problem, so I bought some vacuum port block off plugs and plugged it up for now. Upon looking at the hot start hose that goes to the intake manifold it had 2 small rips in it which was most likely causing a it to run a bit lean. 1. Previous owner said he cleaned the carb but from what I've read on here its very common for the pilot jet to get plugged up and cause popping and idling problems. I was planning on maybe bumping up the pilot jet to a bigger size... What do you guys recommend? (I'm 500-1000 ft above sea level) Also should I just leave the main jet stock or should that be bumped up a tad too? 2. Looking for input on a long lasting rear tire that hooks up. I plan on doing mostly trail riding, with a little bit of riding on the dirt roads to get to the trails. A friend recommended a Michelin Starcross, and I've read a few things about the Dunlop MX52... not looking to spend a fortune on a tire but I know it's usually you get what you pay for. 3. I'm planning on adding lights to the bike. So far I have gathered I should be looking to purchase a Stator and Flywheel from a WR426. That seems like the best bang for the buck right? Again I'm looking to do this on somewhat of a budget. What else do I need besides for the Stator and Flywheel from a WR426? I have seen multiple threads on this subject but I have yet to find a list of everything that is needed to do this conversion. Any help or links to a list would be greatly appreciated. 4. Another thing is the bike is too loud, I don't want to get a ticket for loud exhaust so I think I'd just like to go back to the Stock yz400f silencer. Right now it has some kind of FMF silencer on it. The badge on it is worn away so I can't really tell what model it is, I'm guessing a Powercore but it has a USFS approved screen type spark arrestor end cap on it. From what I have read so far is that a silencer from a 1998 yz400f will work, but I'm also reading that the silencer from the 2000-2003 yz426f will work also? It just bolts right up then? Just looking for confirmation on this before I buy one. If you have one for sale, let me know, thanks.
  11. blee03

    1999 YZ400F 900$ good deal?

    A little bit late to the party here but, I would buy that all day for $900 if it runs good. I just paid $1,400 for a 99 yz400f that needs a rear tire, brake pads, chain and sprockets. These 400/426's still bring $1500 all day long in Michigan