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  1. I agree with Gary there should not be a pause between breaking and rolling on the throttle and releasing the clutch. Coasting is time wasted. There should be a smooth transition from breaking to throttle.
  2. Thanks! I will try the 51T.
  3. I've done just about everything but Hot Cams and porting. Don't get me wrong I love riding the bike just no bottom end power, plenty top end but no grunt. If a gear change doesn't help I might as well go back to a 450. I can keep RPM's up on everything but tight curves. Thanks for your help I will check out the web site,y'all always give me great info. Thanks!
  4. I'm an experienced rider and use 3rd &4th gear most of the time. 1st & 2nd are way to low. I used to ride a 450r but am getting older 48 so I went to a 250x. With the mods I've done so far (JDJetting kit, smog removed, exhaust modified and pink wire mod) it has plenty of top end but not much bottom end power. I have not changed to a taller rear sprockets yet. I put on a twin air filter the other day it helped a little and wanted to know if the loud mouth would help even more. Thanks for your help.
  5. Will a loud mouth air filter kit really help bottom end performance on my 250x if properly jetted? And is the loud mouth a good product?
  6. Thank you for your help.
  7. I will do more research on what settings I used on the 2012. I don't remember I should have written it down but did not. I cut a 4" opening in the air box and replaced the the inside of baffle with 1 1/8" pipe. I am going to replace with aftermarket exhaust later. I will have to get back to you about the 2012. The 2015 is bone stock.
  8. I apologize that I don't remember what needle or clip position. It's been about 4 months since I installed the JD kit. I put in a adjustable fuel screw. Both 2012 & 2015 250X's are doing it. The 2015 was doing it the day I bought it new. I just assumed that's the way it was because both bikes are doing it. Got the 2012 few weeks before the 2015. The 2012 was doing it when it was stock. I thought I would have to live with it and then thought about asking Thumper Talk about it. I like the way the bikes handle but don't like the first 1/8 or so of throttle response. The rest of the throttle response is perfect on both bikes.
  9. The 12 has JD Jetting kit, smog removed and modified exhaust. The 15 is stock. The problem is that on both bikes the throttle is very choppy on the bottom. It's not smooth at all on the first 1/8th or more throttle like my CRF 450. They either give to much or to little gas, it's very choppy. RPM's jump up and down. I am an experienced rider and don't have that problem with the 450R. The throttle does not jump around so to speek on it. The play in the throttles are adjusted correctly. Can this be fixed? Or is this normal for the 250X? I can still ride them at pace, it's just very irritating when trying to enter rough curves when trying to smoothly role on the throttle. Thanks.
  10. We have three bikes two are loud and we ride with other people to.
  11. If I modify the exhaust on my sons 2015 250x will I have to put in a jetting kit. I just want to hear him when we are riding as my bike is loud
  12. I don't know what the correct front sag should be. The rear is 4". I have not tried to set the sag yet. My son has been riding it. His new 2015 250x will be in tomorrow. Then I will set the 2012 up for me. I know the sag is a little low prolly 1" on rear.
  13. I gained a lot of weight after surgery plan to lose 30 lbs., 190.
  14. I've been riding a CRF 450R for a long time. I just bought a like new 250X. Did jetting kit and modified exhaust. When I ride it I get very tired going the same pace as on the 450R. For me that is good I need the work out. The 450R doesn't seems to be as hard to ride. Would it help if I put stiffer springs on it like the 450R has? I ride a lot and for a very long time when I ride. Or is this just due to less power? I really like the way the bike handles but it seems to me that the 450R is much better in the rough stuff or maybe I'm just trying to over riding the bike. I rode a XR 400 for many years then moved to the 450R. Now I'm getting older "48" and thought I would tone down. I think I might should have gotten another 450R. I can ride the bike just like it is, just seems to hard physically. I knew it would be more plush but the XR 400 wasn't that hard to ride and all I did to it was tune a little. What can I do? I've only ridden it two times maybe I just need to get use to it and get better, maybe it's just me?