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  1. oh I forgot to mention : the bike starts good but is slow to warm up it takes about 5min of idle then at least a mile and a half befor it quits poping. kinda hard to take fuel. Cv carb 1995 180main 45 pilot needle 4th from top 1224 elevation. true dual headers
  2. it runs just fine burned smooth as silk actually. I was just concernd on the plugs.
  3. I have a 1995 electra glide ....the harley shop (about 7 years ago) done a big bore kit, performance heads and camd this bike allthough I have no way of knowing the piston size or any details about the cam or head .. the plugs are gray ...my question is where do I start getting it richer. elevation 1224 I think it has a stage 1 kit in it.. the bike had stock pipes but i put on true dual headers , before i change pipes the plugs were dark black.
  4. I guess I will just do the HD oil, Thanks . I peice of mind does go a long way.
  5. Howdy all, I would like to ask all you Harley owners about motor oil ...I use Rotella T in my dirt bikes and I was thinking about using it in my 95 Electra Glide . Not the clutch side just the Motor. what do you think?vEvery one else uses the Harley Brand oil. Its not cheap and I thought I would change it more often if I did use rotella t.
  6. I just rebuilt a rmz250 that had been stolen and put into a pond. I changed the oil about 10 times and it ran fine.. I use the cheapest oil walmart had because a little water will kill oil.
  7. my son races an 02 cr125 and he does great ....
  8. I can change a hot tire in 10 minuets old tire off new on 10 flat. Lots of practice.
  9. what changes did shell make to rotella?
  10. i just bang the tire against a tree untill it lines up
  11. our 07 yz has a noisy top end, I have checked the valves three times in 10 hours and they are right on spec. I went to Rotella t 15-40 oil and it sounds much better. and smoother to shift.
  12. I cant get my track out of the first screen
  13. I am wondering what is used when putting motor cases back together. What is the stuff used to seal the cases?
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