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  1. SM610

    Where can I find....

    TotW II doesn't address SM style specifically, but is never a bad thing to have read. As far as "BACKING IT IN" , many, many practice days are in between now and your 1st nice, smooth, contolled entry slide. To start, just try to be smooth and consistant.
  2. SM610

    break in

    Here's an article you might be interested in...http://mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm
  3. SM610

    loose Berg

    This is correct, almost any dirt bike will loosen some nuts and bolts with every ride. I'm suprised that there wasn't stuff missing after not checking for 4 rides! The smart rider checks before EVERY ride, the rest replace bits and blame others!! Get a paint pen and mark the major nutz and boltz so that you can tell at a glance if it has loosened up, especially the steering hd bolt, side stand bolt, and sprocket bolts.
  4. SM610

    What is the deal with Supemoto?

    What seems childish is talking about something you know nothing about. The busted sportbike plastic invoices from your first little get-off on your high-powered sportbike can buy you a decent supermoto bike. The cost of your first streetbike track day will pay for ten of our supermoto track days. The set of tires that you trashed at that first track day would have lasted for 4 more motard days. If you've never tried supermoto and think it's pointless, allow yourself to be less closed minded! And if by expensive, you meant cheap, I agree.
  5. Just don't let him drive the camper/van!
  6. SM610

    Pics of my new ride...

    BTW, Greg, have you been kicked off the DRZ forum yet? Traitor!!!
  7. SM610

    Pics of my new ride...

    Greg's new bike also features lots of upgrades, slipper clutch, 17mm offset trip clamps (billet), trick pre-load adjusters w/ quick release valves, '05 tank/shrouds & seat, '06 # plate and tail section, and suspension settings by our own Darrick Lucchesi. As for the lack of poke, certainly a pro level CRF/YZF has more, but rideability/durability on this bike is as good as or better than most, without the hassle of finding your own wheels, brakes, suspension, etc.
  8. SM610

    Should I buy a Husaberg?

    Just a little imput from a Husaberg dealer (me!)-- $6700 OUT THE DOOR would mean that the dealer was buying part of your bike for you, which sounds great, but where will you get parts after the dealer goes out of business?? In otherwords, $6700+ fees is a small amount over dealer cost. Of course if you were being charged $900 for set-up/freight, that's a different story(tax is something that the dealer can't adjust). Check on those details, but that price is a good one, and you will never regret the money spent (as the other owners have stated!) Make sure that the bike has the upgraded "back torque limiting cog" that all '05's need. If you didn't read Dirt Rider's test, our BONE STOCK 550 held it's own against totally custom, $14,000 bikes. Also, ask about the ability to get a plate, I hear that it happens more easily in states other than California. Oh, and, let me know if the dealer is willing to buy part of your bike for you!!!
  9. SM610

    Husaberg FE450E whats this bike like???

    AAHHH, it's so true, thanks G!!
  10. SM610

    Aprilia USA Race Team

    As Darrick already said, The bike WON IT'S FIRST YEAR, that's how it fares in competition. Now, what Joe Average does with this bike in competition is yet to be seen! I've seen ratty old bikes drive around the outside of A $20,000 Husky NOX, So I'm not sure if it really reflects on the bike, in the real world.
  11. SM610

    Aprilia USA Race Team

    "...lack of quality" ?????? What's that about?? The bikes that I've seen at the track are dripping with quality features, so much so that it's one dirt type bike that I'd hate to crash!!!! You might have seen a bike at a show, but I see them on the track all the time, and just so ya know, it's a really nice bike! Call that more hype if you want to.
  12. SM610

    $50 bucks for PRACTICE!

    Regular practice days around here (Cali) are usually $20-$25, but the couple of times we were able to ride at Sears Poin.....I mean Infineon (go kart track), it was $50 and well worth it. Hey Darrick, HOW ABOUT ANOTHER?? Also, Regular road racer track days are usually $250+ and you wreck a set of tires easily. We can get several track days out of one set. THIS IS CHEAP THRILLS!
  13. SM610

    Am I the only one...

    As long as it's not SUMO or SU-MO, which is 2 fat asian guys humping, I don't care!!!!
  14. SM610

    18 and 21 inch tires????

    Avon Gripsters, nuff said