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  1. yzfrider389

    Lights on a CRF?

    Hi everybody. I'm looking to gather some information on adding lights to my 2005 CR450R. Yes I know this is a motocross dedicated machine, but I'd like to be able to ride to my farm and back after dark... despite this Any suggestions on kits? Or other mods which might make my motocrosser just a bit more "commuter-friendly"? I do still plan on riding motocross. Buying an enduro is not an option currently. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Kienan
  2. yzfrider389

    Broken forks at Sunday's race - What happened?

    Fork was bound up. Tire was recently replaced, and when the wheel was reinstalled, the axel nut was overtightened; pulling the fork tube lowers together - causing the bind. Problem was fixed by loosening the axel nut and pinch bolts and wacking the axel's end with a rubber mallet. That slight movement opened up the space between the fork legs and solved the issue. Thanks to all for the responses.
  3. Bike: 2005 Honda CRF 450, stock suspension As I was waiting to enter the gate for my second moto I realized that my forks did not feel right... in fact, they felt quite abnormal. Compression was very hard, and rebound was almost non-existant. Any ideas what might be going on? I haven't over tightened the triple-clamp bolts, or changed anything recently. I did however, in the first moto, over shoot a jump and bottom them out. Also, I haven't had a chance to take them off and examine them more closely yet, but I figured I'd post up here to see if there where any ideas out there. Thanks!
  4. yzfrider389

    WR426 Gas tank fit?

    Thanks for the advice, but I'm trying to stick with the WR tank + seat (I've got a Corbin). The auto-decomp mod is on the agenda though
  5. yzfrider389

    Graphics for tank + shroud

    I'd like to get new graphics for my tank and shroud, but don't want to buy a full kit. Does anyone know of anywhere where you can just buy these pieces?
  6. yzfrider389

    WR426 Gas tank fit?

    I've got a 2002 WR426, looking to replace the gas tank. Does anyone know what other years will fit? Will the gas tank of off a 250? Thanks!!
  7. yzfrider389

    Supermoto and Motocross

    anyone consider converting a KTM LC4 to supermoto?
  8. As soon as my collar bone heals, I'm going to do body work and repaint my freshly scratched RF-600, and try to get back into my roots in motocross. BUT! I've been watching some supermoto, and it looks like something I definatly need to try. SO my question is: Is there a bike suited to motocross, supermoto AND serve as a commuter from time to time. (I know I want alot here... but I can really only afford one bike) Converted off road bikes are a no go, since the New York DMV is frowns upon it for some reason... ANY IDEAS?? DRZ-400SM with a wheel/sprocket/tire set for off road??
  9. yzfrider389

    Samsung helmet cam owners! PLEASE READ!

    even a couple of seconds of video would be great! i just want to make sure the quality is up to my standards before i drop $300 on one
  10. yzfrider389

    Samsung helmet cam owners! PLEASE READ!

    thanks for all the replies, but i'm still looking for an uncompressed clip! my contacts are: aim = yzfrider389 email = gridlock3522@hotmail.com
  11. I'm considering purchasing a Samsung SC-X300L helmet cam. I've heard good and bad things, mostly I assume that the quality isn't amazing... but who cares? Its a helmet cam after all. I'd like to see some uncompressed footage taken from one, just to judge the quality for myself. Videos and Youtube and Google video tend to be quite compressed, its hard to gauge video quality from them. SO... if you have a samsung helmet cam please please please contact me and perhaps we could do a direct transfer over AIM or something. I'd appreciate it. word.
  12. yzfrider389

    How to sell?

    you've got a pm
  13. yzfrider389

    How to sell?

    you've got a pm
  14. yzfrider389

    How to sell?

    What is the best way to sell a bike? I've got a 01 YZ250F that I've been trying to sell and so far I've had little luck on my local district 3 website and TT's classifides, what works?
  15. yzfrider389

    F/s/t 01 Yz250f

    For sale/trade 2001 YZ250F Pro Taper Bars 03 Auto-decompression exhaust cam ASV C-5 clutch lever Applied Racing triple clamp Carbon fiber frame guards Also comes with (not on the bike currently) DMC Alien full exhaust system Extra plastic This bike is in great shape and runs like a charm. Piston and rings have under 3 hours on them. This bike has been serviced regularly and the oil changed every 3 rides. Has not been abused and always stored indoors. Looking to get a street bike. PICTURES: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/gar...e&vid=5078