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    Sand Rail, MTB, Real Estate, Sailing, Windsurfing, Snowboarding..whatever keeps me out of the house
  1. sorry to hear about that, that is an lame reason to miss riding. Happened on my 91 cr500 last year. I use the kick all the time on the 450 maybe I should use the button more.
  2. SCCRF450

    bernal racing team in nor cal?

    I've worked with Shane Bernal many times. Good guy, great mechanic. Has set up all of my bikes and a few friends.
  3. Epic I'll be checking back in tomorrow
  4. looks like fun, looking forward to the rest
  5. SCCRF450

    Pismo/Oceano Dunes

    Thanks for the links... I have not logged in for months. It is getting scary, I love Pismo.
  6. I dont know about where all you guys live but at all of the parks here you are required to hav ethe USFS sparky attached and they check for it at the gate and through out the date. This is very bad and dangerous, espesically with all the fires still burngin here in Ca.
  7. SCCRF450

    NEED HELP ,e start not working

    sure it is not a bad starter motor? they are known to fail. Not sure if you tested the switch or not. You can put a non power test light on the power lead on the end of the starter and crank it. Will let you know if power is showing up.
  8. SCCRF450

    BRC Clear Creek Update

    thanks for the info.
  9. SCCRF450

    BRC Clear Creek Update

    new post old info? DF anything new the foccma wire has been slow. Last thing I heard was scoping comments.
  10. SCCRF450

    Whens JATs next TT ride?

    have fun ya'll I'm up in SF but what are the dates. JAT you have my email, Might have to save the big trip for Glamis but would be nice to know what I'm turning down
  11. SCCRF450

    anyone going to pismo july 4th

    agreed, but the rear sad thing to see is that you and I never got to ride Clear Creak together.
  12. SCCRF450

    anyone going to pismo july 4th

    agreed I wont let me girl ride there... she is just not aware enough yet, tough enough and quick enough to handle the yahoos. Hell I've been hit buy a sand rail and had a three wheeler pulling front of me while jumping (even with 2 spotters) Still fun, but I would be scared to take kids if I had them. At least on the big weekend.
  13. SCCRF450

    anyone going to pismo july 4th

    now your talking, that sounds like fun:ride: maybe we could drive the rhinos too
  14. SCCRF450

    anyone going to pismo july 4th

    I would love to go but forgot to get the pass.