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  1. Mr. Clean Magic Erasures are the bomb. I used them first on the tile around a pool and it made them shine like new. I then tried it on the boot scuffs on my KTM's engine cases, swingarm marks, plastic and they came right off. Cool product.....
  2. A visor is awesome when running through vines and limbs in the woods. Lower head, use visor as a blocking device and gas it!
  3. HeavyC

    2012 YZ250 woods conversion

    Nice work/bike!!
  4. HeavyC

    Too late to try again?

    Go GNCC
  5. HeavyC

    ADVICE: KLX 110L vs KLX 140

    YZ 125 or one of the 150 2-strokes.
  6. HeavyC

    My DRZ blew up last night in the way home

    Just rebuild it and move on!
  7. Nice looking bike!! It doesn't need anything.......
  8. HeavyC

    Old gear

    Give it away.
  9. Riders who consider enduro loops as two lane traffic. Nothing worse than coming around a corner or over a jump and a kid on their quad is blasting in the opposite direction.
  10. HeavyC

    2003 cr250r rebuild gear box oil question

    Start, idle it for a few minutes and then drain.
  11. HeavyC

    1st ride

    Good looking bike!