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  1. Timmy_805

    Oakland Supercross

    Hey guys. I had a question. Do you know if you can still get into the pits with a monster can? I bought tickets for the Oakland supercross last night for my son’s birthday and it said something about a $15 pit pass. Is it one or the other? I haven’t been in a few years and I’m trying not to look like a moron in front of my kiddos. Thanks for the help.
  2. Timmy_805

    19 sxf 450 exhaust

    I have the ‘18 SXF 450 and I have the FMF 4.1. It’s a great exhaust and sounds good. Seemed to improve the throttle response and gave it a little more low end snap
  3. Hey guys. I have a 2018 KTM 450SX-F. I’m trying to get my suspension dialed in at home but I have a question about the white dial on the fork tube cap. When the magazines say 5 or 10 clicks out, where are they starting from? Is there a baseline of zero that you turn it to so you know how many clicks it is one way or the other? Sorry for the newbie question. Thanks for any help. Tim
  4. Hey guys. Just wondering what you guys are asking for or getting for Christmas that’s moto related. The list I gave my wife was pretty long [emoji23]. Hope you all have a merry Christmas
  5. Hey guys. I recently purchased a new KTM 450SXF. A few years ago I was hit by a car and suffered major nerve damage in my shoulders and neck that causes my hands to go numb and get tingly. My question is do you guys have a bar that you can recommend that lessens the vibration that’s transferred to your hands? I have a set of Renthal Twinwalls from my previous bike but after doing some research and a little bit of riding I realize those are probably one of the worst bars for vibration unfortunately. Do y’all have any ideas or experience with this subject? Thanks! I really like the look and feel of a crossbar handlebar which is why I’m looking to change from the stock setup. And the bend of the stock handlebar is a little weird for me. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Timmy_805

    Do I need to re-map my ECU?

    So if I were to do the passive reset only would the bike run ok? And would it be ok to ride long term?
  7. Timmy_805

    Do I need to re-map my ECU?

    So if Im ok with the way the stock motor runs and not looking for anymore gains, just doing this passive ECU reset is enough?
  8. Hi guys. I have a 2018 KTM 450SX-F. I recently purchased an FMF RCT slip-on. I’m new to the fuel injection world and I guess I thought it would automatically adjust for the new pipe. Do I need to do something special to the ecu since I put the slip-on on? I live in the Bay Area of California at close to sea level. Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys. Tim
  9. Timmy_805

    FMF slip-on durability question

    You have the titanium one or the aluminum one Hans?
  10. Timmy_805

    FMF slip-on durability question

    Thanks for the reply Bryan. I was kinda thinking something like that might happen if you hit it hard enough. Any thoughts on the actual canister?
  11. Hey guys. I recently purchased a 2018 SX450F. I was looking into buying a new FMF 4.1 RCT slip on to use it at the local parks. Does anybody have any experience with the difference in durability between the aluminum canister with the carbon end cap and the titanium canister with the same end cap? I would think that the aluminum can would hold up better but I’ve always had to buy the cheaper stainless version on my previous bikes. I’m finally able to get the pipe I want but I want it to last. I’m gonna end up buying the header pipe later on down the road. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks all.