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  1. h59elmer

    2017 300rr CDI blown

    Did you get to the bottom of your problem?
  2. h59elmer

    Xtrainer Bogging

    Hi an issue is starting to rear its head on a regular basis. Now and again when I pull up and then move off the engine bogs as if it is a 4 cylinder running on one cylinder, for example just pops as if it is firing but will not rev, hit the kill switch and restart and the issue clears and engine will rev. Checked all connections cleaned and resealed with corrosion x. It just seams to be happening more often any ideas would be grateful or if someone has had the same issue.
  3. h59elmer

    Oakley airbrake

    That's good to know thanks for the reply.
  4. h59elmer

    Slime sealant

    As stated earlier it worked for me and was no more than 10 mins of riding time lost in total. I was out with a guy the other day who used a small can of foam and we were back riding in less than five mins, although he did say the tyre was a too firm, maybe because of to much foam SA it is hard to judge how much is needed but very little riding time lost.
  5. h59elmer

    Slime sealant

    I used it on a trail once. Pump tyre up and re-pumped a few miles on. It lasted 6 months until I did a tyre change. Always carry one now.
  6. Does anyone know or have tried to see if Oakley snow airbrake goggles fit a Mx helmet is is it only airbrake Mx that fit.
  7. Hi I've been offered a EC200 what is the situation at the moment for spares for 2015 model bikes in the UK.
  8. h59elmer

    Delema which bike

    Do like the 250RR.
  9. I'm a bit of a novice as far as enduro bike riding goes after a quite a bit of research as to which Bike I won't. Ihave boiled it down to three. Gasgas Ec200 Beta 250RR or Xtrainer. Does any body have experience of these bike's and have a recommendation of which one to go for as a novice. Any Info would be grateful to help me decide. Thanks