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  1. MED

    Show your PIG

    Last summer.....in Teluride, CO
  2. All, I realized my swing-arm pivot bearings were toast when the rear suspension wouldn't move! I read this whole line of posts, went out and bought a can of PB Blaster and spent a day and a half soaking it. Like mentioned above, it just wouldn't budge. I just kept soaking it. I used a big brass drift and a sledgehammer and it finally moved!!! got it out and used the power-brush on the grinder to polish the bolt and it's good to go (since I used the brass drift, I didn't ruin the bolt; note: I did ruin the drift though!) Thanks for everyone's experience that helped. Time, lube, patience, lube, brass drift, lube, ............................................................................oh, did I mention lube? thx Mike
  3. Sorry for the late reply: From the service manual
  4. MED

    What did you do to your pig today?

    My Christmas present to myself this year was a hydraulic clutch setup for the XR-L. Minimal engineering and boy is it SaWEET! Only rode it around the block but can't wait for a technical section!!!!. I can post the model number I used if anyone is interested (it's the one with the LONGEST pull rod on the slave cylinder) : Magura Jack. I did have to modify the left side stock turn signal button cluster housing for clearance to the clutch lever but this was minimal and easily done and sealed with my favorite material: SILICONE!!! Other than that, I used three little spacers down at the slave cylinder that work just fine. Eventually, I'll get on a lathe and make a single bushing that will be super clean fit. warm up weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. MED

    rear brake reservoir cover

    I went ahead and installed a CRF450 rear master cylinder that has the reservoir built in. I was able to get rid of the potential hose/reservoir problems along with the frame brackets. I had to re-weld only the lower of the two mounts about 3 mm difference. The piston is smaller so it adds braking strength and feel. Have used it now for 6 months with no troubles.
  6. MED

    Oil Cooler - again !

    <I don't see the crack in the case you mention, I only see where the stator cover is cracked. > Yes, I should have been more clear; the stator sidecover boss is cracked...... <What is the weld on the bash plate? Not where the bar is welded to it, but where it looks like the plate fractured on an origional weld.> I cut the skidplate there to form it out around the bottom of the oil cooler, then welded it up..... <Did you add the plate to the stator cover because the shifter punched a hole in it or before, for protection.> Before, for protection. Best 23 bucks I ever spent!!!!!!!
  7. MED

    Oil Cooler - again !

    Here's a pic of the modified Sutton bracket. Notice there is no bottom bolt, just two. Also a pic of where the boss/case cracked....
  8. MED

    Oil Cooler - again !

    I have had the Sutton unit on for a year now and it knocks the temp down 20-25 degrees which is excellent. I also was a fan of the mounting instructions and design until I let a buddy ride my bike and watch him crash it onto a rocky section! The lower mounting bolt sticks out enough to be a target for the ground during a crash and loads the rest of the mounting bolts upon impact. Since these bolts are very long, an impact load on the bracket gives quite the bending load on the side case bosses which can/will result in a broken case boss. My improvement to the design is to completely eliminate the lower bolt and used a hacksaw to remove the lower section of the bracket . This effectively removes the lower bolt (yet leaves two for mounting = plenty of strength). Then I added some material to my skidplate to protect both the engine and the bottom of the cooler. I'll get some pics soon because a pic is worth a thousand words!!
  9. MED

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Went hunting up in the Sawtooth National Forest. Only saw does......
  10. MED

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Was in Telluride, CO for business so I brought my XR650L in the truck. Each afternoon, it rained cats n dogs but each morning was clear. Stayed in Mountain Village so the first ride , I rode to Ophir Pass, over to Hwy 550, then back to Telluride on Black Bear Pass Road. The next day, I wanted to go up Black Bear Pass Road so I did and followed Hwy 550 up to Ouray and back over Imogene Pass and back down to Telluride. Perfect 60-70 mile loops for the XR-L and this old guy......
  11. MED

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Wife is out of town for the weekend so I got to work on another XR-L project: Replacing the stock rear brake master cylinder/hose/reservoir with an 'all in one' unit from a CRF450. It was NOT a bolt on but after a couple of hours, it's done and I'm pleased with the result. It now has more feel, more braking strength and less parts. I'll try to post a pic. I found a master cylinder for a CRF off Ebay and installed the XR-L's rear brake pedal to the CRF's MC clevis. After fitting, I took it back apart and sawed off about 1/4" of the threaded 6mm post and removed the jam nut so it could be shorted enough to have the brake pedal in the correct position once in place. The upper MC bolt is perfect, the lower hole needs to be moved back a little over an 1/8" (see pics) to line up well. It's handy to have a TIG in my garage!!! So I was able to remove several tabs that held onto the hose and the bracket/bolt that held on the remote reservoir that was always in the way when I get to the carb!!!
  12. MED

    What did you do to your pig today?

    This past weekend, I finished something that I've been thinking about for a year now since I got the cool oil cooler. I finally found a piece of aluminum (from an ATV Skidplate) that only required a small amount of hacking/cutting before I welded it onto the existing bracket. It now serves as a shroud that helps guide air into the oil cooler and beefs up the guard from flying rocks. I think about this stuff while droning down the interstate when the temps are near 100 deg: what can be done to bring temps down???
  13. MED

    XR600 cush drive?

    I had my 91 XR250L's rear wheel off right next to my XR650L so did some quick comparing: axle of the 250 is 10mm longer (Same diameter); swingarm is slightly wider; rear hub is slightly wider (10mm's); didn't check the alignment of the disc/sprocket once I figured it would n't fit in the 650 swingarm. My thoughts are if you could find a swingarm and rear wheel in a junkyard, and all the linkage is the same (don't know), you could run the 250 swingarm and have the cushdrive hub. Stock 250 sprocket is a 40 (650 is a 45 I think) the sprockets are NOT the same fitment..... just some checking....MED
  14. MED

    XR650L starting woes continue

    I don't think this has been mentioned so I'll throw it out there. Check your fuel tank cap breather! If blocked, it will cause this kind of havoc........hope this helps. Mike
  15. After I got the correct tool to press it in, it worked fine.