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  1. Which is almost as big a lie as “fresh top end” on Craigslist. Reliability comes down to the big M word some hate to do, maintenance! Doesn’t matter what color or engine, you dont tale care of it it will let you down!
  2. The what more reliable stuff is so much BS it isnt funny. There are waaay to many variables between maintenance and how you ride the bike to say which motor is more relaible. But guess what? If you take care of them, they will both last! I know crazy idea.
  3. I dont understand the anti KTM stuff. Its like comparing a silverado to a denali. Yeah, the silverado can get you from point A to B, but the denali has a couple features that are very nice to have for some more money. Idk any more ways to relate it. If you cant afford a ktm dont cry that your 14 year old designed bike doesent have all the goodies that the kool-aid drinkers have and try to say they suck.
  4. shutax

    Ktm150 vs CRF250R

    If you want to have the most fun you can have on a bike, get a small bore 2 stroke. If you want something thats complicated and expensive, heavy, overheats, and a little more forgiving to ride, get a 250f. Dont make the mistake I did. Get, learn, and keep a 125 or 150. They’re just as fast and good as any other bike out in the woods, the only difference between all of them is the nut between the seat and the handlebars.
  5. shutax

    Yz250f vs RMZ250

    Do not do what I did and try to use a mx bike in the woods. I tried it 3 times. Every time I get sick of not having a low 1st and electric start. Save your money and get a euro 2 stroke. Mx250fs are okay if your fast. Thats it.
  6. I have ridden on both forks, you are not giving up anything going to the AER. Save for my 125, this 250xc is the best handling bike I have owned. You point it in a direction and it goes. Coming off 2014+ yz250fs, this bike handles and does everything nearly perfect. And yes the 17+ ktms handle completely different from the previous gen bikes. If theres one thing I cant stand, its “yeah I rode my buddies 2010 250sx and didnt like it so every ktm made must feel exactly like this” I know you have a ATM, but thats what most people say about them.
  7. The ktm demo days are tough because you can only test 4 bikes in total. If you like the 250 smoker, dont try the 300 and vice versa because they are so close! I would have loved to try a 350xcf
  8. Oh no, I loved the 19 250xcf in the woods, I just wanted a two stroke. I didnt like the 16 fc250 on the track because the suspension was awful. The 13 250sxf was gutless unless you revved the guts out of it. Fun bike, but I liked my yz250fs better than them on the track.
  9. Its completely true at least for the offroad bikes. I tried a ‘13 250sxf and a ‘16 fc250 and wasnt too impressed with them on a track. I tried a ‘13 450xcf and demoed a ‘19 250xc and thought they were phenomenal.
  10. If I never went to a ride orange demo day to try out the 250 and 300xc and just got a yz250x, I would have thought it was the best bike there is and I dont need a ktm. The best advice I give to my friends thinking about a 250/300xc is “dont ride one unless you are ready to buy one” because if you race offroad, it is very hard to pass either of these.
  11. First ride of the year yesterday in the western PA hills and took out my ‘18 250xc and my buddy had my old ‘02 yz125 that I used to own. Swapped bikes for a bit. I could get that old “outdated” $1500 125 up and over anything my $8000 ktm could, but man was it alot easier and more enjoyable on the ktm. My buddy struggled pretty badly on the 125 on the more technical stuff, but me being a better rider didnt have a issue with the 125. What Im getting at is, yes you can get a yz250x or even an older yz250 and take it up and through the most technical trails you can find, and it will do it no problem. The KTM just does it easier. The hydro clutch and E-start is worth its weight in gold when you have to feather your clutch alot or stall where you cant put your left foot down. If you are a faster rider, you will be fast and have fun on either. But finding a leftover KTM or Husky isnt too hard. In july 2018 $7500 for a 2018 250x, and $8000 for a 2018 250xc, both before taxes. Not enough of a price gap to miss all the goodies the pumpkin has.
  12. That is a nice bike! I would have loved to try one of them before I got my ktm, they look nice and have heard the suspension on them is very good. You’ll be happy for a very long time on it.
  13. Uhhhhh ...... no you didn't. I think what I think because of my personal experiences. A bunch of "2-strokes are the best" guys who think I can only possibly think that way because I hate 2-strokes, aren't gonna change the opinion I came to from multiple personal experiences over a bunch of years. Nice try though. FWIW I have more 2-stroke motors in my garage than you do. I don’t think that two strokes are the best things ever, I would take a 250f on a track over a 2 stroke any day. And what does it matter what I have in my garage. Counting snowmobiles, I have about 10...See, didnt change anything. This post was about if a 300 would be good for the poor guy, not a what engines better fight. Ill wake up tomorrow and see a “whats the best oil and ratio” fight on this post..
  14. Its not even that they are boring, they just suck in technical stuff. They overheat at slower paces and if you are at a very slow RPM they will cut out. And Im not sure if by unpredictable he means when you get the hit in the powerband or something else, but either way, any newer enduro 250/300 two stroke I have ridden blows any 250f out of the water everywhere in the rev range. But I hope we finally got the point across.
  15. Have you ever ridden a 14-18 yz250f? They’re known for their bottom end torque compared to nearly any mx250f. I had a crf250x before my yamaha, and that bike was gutless everywhere compared to my yamaha, especially on the bottom end. And that was an “enduro” bike. As Shrubitup said, you are trying to give advice on a bike by riding your buddies for awhile. There is so much you can do to the 250/300s power delivery with just a couple bolts that its a night and day difference. So please, stop arguing on a subject you have very little knowledge of.