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  1. DGIRT

    1979 yz400.

    If you want to clean the aluminum parts, try Toilet bowl or shower cleaner. It worked great for taking the grunge off. I am trying to sale the shock. It's near new. I ran it at MidOhio last year. I traded the bike for a 81 YZ465. I thought about getting another 79 YZ250, but my wife thought better of it (not Happening)..LOL
  2. DGIRT

    1979 yz400.

    I have a Works Performance Shock that will fit that bike. I had it on a 79 YZ250. YZ 400 is a great bike. And just at a glance your dont look that bad.
  3. DGIRT

    1978 YZ400 Wont shift past 2nd

    Check to make sure there is the Teflon spacer between the engine and the magneto cover on the shifter side just under the sprocket. It slaides over the shifter rod. If its not there, the shifter rod moves towards the clutch and misses the the shift drum behind the clutch.
  4. DGIRT

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Guy's I raced haspen Acres Sept 11. at the big track. Bryan Morgan is running it and setup an awesome track. Might be one of the best I have raced in years. I was Shocked when I got there. I figured it would be dirt clogs the size of bowling balls and hard as concrete. I was completely wrong. There last race of the year is Oct 16. Check out the web site.
  5. DGIRT

    Barcia third in 450's. Nice!!!!

    Dungey was cring simply because Barcia (THE ROOKIE) flat out rode him! Plane and Simple!
  6. DGIRT

    1983 YZ250/490 Front hubs

    Yup It will fit. I just recieved it last night and it's the same just DLS.
  7. DGIRT

    1983 YZ250/490 Front hubs

    Thanks. I have the 83 forks but waiting on the hub that I bought off Ebay. Didn't know if I was going too need the 83 wheel also. I rebuilt the forks and bought a Works Performance Pro shock, Emulators, new fork springs, triple tree, got every thing together and found that the front hub lugs are different. Go figure. I hope it works out well, I spent a ton of money on this 79 YZ250. If not the wife is goin to kill me.
  8. Do any of you know if the double leading shoe brake assembly from a 1983 yz250/490 will fit the 79 YZ250 front hub?
  9. DGIRT


    Will the wheels off of a 80-84 YZ250-490 fit the 1979 YZ 250? I didn't know which would cross match the bikes.
  10. DGIRT

    Muddobbers Hare Scramble Helmet Video

    I rode that race. It was a blast. I only made 3 laps before I folded like a cheap lawn chair:eek:
  11. DGIRT

    Big bore kits

    I thought about that, I just have not read or heard much about them on the YZ thats good or bad.
  12. DGIRT

    Big bore kits

    Thanks for the info, my buddies think I'm nuts for wanting to set one up. I'm a big guy (6'1,245#) but the 450 wears on my after a while and the 250's are not enough.
  13. DGIRT

    Big bore kits

    If you were going to buy a big bore kit, what brand would you go with? I am thinking of going from a 450 to big bore 250F.
  14. DGIRT

    Fuel in oil...

    I would bet most of metal is coming from the clutch and some basic gear wear.
  15. DGIRT

    Trey Canard will win everything because.....

    Hey the Jesus stuff is too much. He should cuss like a drunken moron, knock up several girls, drink heavy after every race. And look like a prision punk in the pits and show no respect what so ever to others. Thats the model I want my kids to follow.