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  1. Jeff660

    problem with new tire install (wobble)

    My brother had a wheel almost rust itself out after using dish soap and water. Not exactly sure why it did it, but we don't take the chance anymore. Bought a small bucket of tire mounting soap like they use at the shops that will last forever. Thats all we use now.
  2. Jeff660

    New tires new front end shake

    I'm with fttam. Mine shakes everywhere, always has. Tire pressure, tire type, speed, and wind all affect mine. Everyone I know who has every had one has had the problem. My buddy put tons into his and finally sold it due to the head shake. I've gotten kind of used to it, but I am not giving up on it yet. The bike is light and wants to turn, but you pay the price for that I think. This is probably an overasked question, but does anyone make custom tripple trees for this bike that would give a guy more rake angle in the front?
  3. Jeff660

    DRZ400S rattle (w/ audio sample)

    Double checked some things on my bike again. Valve clearance, timing, oil, pipe, and for loose items. Sorry to say all checked out good and nothing as easy as loose parts in the headlight or gauges. After reading about all of the timing chain tensioner failures, I was honestly hoping my cam gear had jumped a lobe or something so I could take care of the the problem. My sound seems to come from the front and lower portions of the motor, such as a rod or counter balancer or something. I plan on getting the MCCT for sure and a new chain and sprockets to eliminate any excess chain noise that may be transferring into the engine. Mine pretty much clunks anytime the motor is under load at any RPM, and shuts up when off the throttle. It will also make the noise sitting in neutral, so you can put your head right up to the engine and crack the throttle to hear where it is. I have had this bike for 5 years and this is the first year I really noticed any excess noise. You can honestly feel it ride right up the frame tube to the handlebars. I will keep my eye on the oil for metal and the usual setting for any changes. But other than that I will have to do like Velocibiker's son and just ride the damn thing. Was coming home from the store the other day riding one handed with a bag in the other and I had to stop that because it scares the crap out of me imagining the thing suddenly locking up on me with only one hand on the bars. I will let you guys know if I ever find anything decisive.
  4. Jeff660

    DRZ400S rattle (w/ audio sample)

    It's sure worth a try, will probably get the MCCT as well. Thanks for the input. Will let you guys know if something seems to really make it less noisy.
  5. Jeff660

    DRZ400S rattle (w/ audio sample)

    I have an 03 S model that has a similar sound at only 3000 miles. Sounds just like it is coming from the head. Checked valve clearance and timing chain tension and all is good. The only mods I have are the 3 X 3, Uni filter, Muffler off an E, and the carb needle and spring usually done, can't remember the brand off hand. It kind of sounds like and old 2 stroke when you would get it really hot and have that preignition type of sound. Also tried all kinds of jetting settings. I will probably try closing my airbox back up to see if that helps. Love the bike, but always felt like something was really designed wrong in the top of the engine. Put the stock exhuast on and the bike feels, sounds and performs like it is choking itself to death. The only way it seems to run good is with a way too loud race exhaust. I am thinking serously about cams and maybe even a big bore kit to try to get some flow into this motor. I am relatively new to the KLX 400 Forums, but am wondering if any head porting would help this problem? I know this probably doesn't help you, but hoping your topic might help us both.
  6. Jeff660

    600 Weak Tranny/660 Kit

    I wouldn't worry about it. I drove mine unmodified for close to 12 years without any problems. I didn't really race it and I never dropped the clutch, but I climbed a lot of hills, lugged it, and did a lot of throttle snap wheelies on the pavement which is pretty tough on it. The 660 kit and cam gave it a considerable amount of extra power, and that is when I ran into problems. So if you don't modify yours, or even just put a pipe on and jet it, I would say you would have a difficult time breaking it. A buddy of mine has had an unmodified 86 for almost as long as I have had mine with no problems. I wouldn't worry.
  7. Jeff660

    01 650r Holdover Price!!!

    It's me, the guy from ND that almost drove all the way down to MO. I talked to a salesman in Columbia, and he confirmed that the two 2001s were brand new holdovers. They couldn't figure out which store they were at. After talking to both shops twice each, they decided that both bikes were on there way to Columbia. He said he had a deposit on one and that the guy was going to pick it up the next day. Everything sounded pretty good so I put down a deposit on the other one. They said they wouldn't ship, and that they didn't want to store it for me for more than a couple of weeks. So I said that I would drive down immediately to hopefully get it by closing on saturday. He says I will have to fax you a contract first, have you sign it and fax it back. I told him that I wanted to get on the road and asked him how long this contract would take to go through. He said an hour or so. I asked him if there was any way he could speed up the process so that I could take off as soon as possible. He said he would give it to the sales manager right away. This was about 2:30 on Friday. To kill time I got the truck ready, aired up the tires, fueled it up, packed some clothes and got some food for the trip. Even brought along a couple of pee bottles like the truckers do so that I would only have to stop for gas on the trip. I went to where I work to get the fax. By this time it is 3:45 and the place I was at closes at 4:00 and didn't want me hanging around the place after closing because I just started working there. So I call the salesman back and ask him what was going on. He said they got the bikes in and washed them up. I asked him again are these really new bikes and he said yes. I asked him how they looked, if they had any scratches etc. after sitting around for 3 or 4 years. Then he reluctantly starts muttering something about the bikes being demos, and I'm thinking, ok they were ridden a few times, If they are in nice shape I might still head down there. Then he starts mumbling again that they have had different plastic put on them, aftermarket stuff, gas tank, some stickers, and that they don't look exactly like a new model does. Then he says they were factory test bikes. I'm thinking to myself, bigger gas tank hugh,,,, sounds to me like these are the bikes that they run the living crap out of for days that you always read about in the magazine reviews. At this point my heart sank and I told him that I wasn't going to drive all the way down there for somethink like this. I was nice to them and they said they would reimburse my credit card for the deposit. Hopefully I will see it. I am darn lucky they finally fessed up before I hit the road. There would have been hell to pay, seriously, like suing them If I would have drove all the way down there for their missleading deal. To the other poor guy who started this post; I have no ill feelings toward you at all. I am still glad you mentioned the deal. How we're you to know? They fed me that same bs. If this deal would have turned out, I would be sending you a thank you message. I was wondering how it was going to turn out for you, and then a buddy told me about your post about the deal going sour. They didn't call me back like they told you they would or did, but I had already found out what was going on from another salesman. This is what these forums are for, sharing info about good deals and about bad vendors. Better luck next time I guess.
  8. Jeff660

    86 Xr600r

    Hey you might want to check out a post of mine about tranny problems if you are considering going big with a big bore kit. I put in a 660 kit, cam, and FMF pipe, and keep breaking the tranny. Apparently 86's weren't the toughest tranny out there. It didn't give me any trouble for about 12 years until I put the power in it. If you don't go that big you probably won't have any problems. I haven't tried posting a shortcut before so hopefully it works. If not see 600 weak tranny/660 Kit http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=203191
  9. Jeff660

    650R street legal

    I'm mulling over the same issue. I want the performance of the R. I drove a street legal 86 XR600R for close to 10 years. Sure an L is a little more comfortable on the road and you will probably get more miles out of it, but there is a compromise there. I don't take the R on long highway rides, but for 2 to 3 hours it isn't too bad. And I love it off road. If you were going to make this a one bike owner situation the XL might be the better choice. I have a buddy that I drive with who just bought a new XL. He will use it everywhere. We do a lot of the same riding and I can't blame him for picking the XL. He uncorked it and it has more low end torque that I thought it would have. But he also has an 86 R in the garage for off road situations. But I think I am going to go with the R if I can, and street legal it. I just dig that extra power and that dirt bike feel. I have a 2002 FZ1000 for long highway hauls anyway. Just a matter of your situation and desires.
  10. Jeff660

    600 Weak Tranny/660 Kit

    In regards to "XR6's Rule"s previous post about the different clutch basket and crank gear, having the gear box spinning faster does make more sense to me than slowing it down. Maybe the fact that I have it geared up quite a bit is part of the issue. By being geared up the tranny has that hard "long" pull before you get to the next gear. You are forcing the bike to get up to a faster speed with the same gear. Your bike feels more powerful when it is geared down, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is harder on the tranny, does it? With lower gearing you get into the next gear quicker. You aren't forcing one gear to do all the work. 1st gear is so low that you are hardly ever in it if only for a short while. In 1st gear on the pavement, I can't open up the throttle all the way, it will simply go over backwards. 2nd and 3rd gear have a much wider spread and take the torque longer. By the time you get into 4th and 5th the counter shaft is spinning way faster and the bike has less torque to the wheel. The more I think about it, it makes sense to me that 2nd and 3rd would go first. Any mechanical engineers out there? The bike wasn't designed for that much power and use on the pavement. In the dirt it isn't as big of a problem because the tire spins. I'm guessing that I might have broken 3rd doing 3rd gear wheelies on the pavement. I think I might have broken 2nd gear lugging it up a steep hill too slow at low rpms so the wheel wasn't spinning. The problem didn't show up right away either time, so it is hard to tell. It's too bad that someone doesn't make machined gears out of harder steel than the factory cast ones.
  11. Jeff660

    600 Weak Tranny/660 Kit

    The first time I broke 3rd gear. One dog broke off and took half of a tooth with it. The gear it mated with was like new. At first I thought the gear tooth failed and took the dog with it. But the second time I broke 2nd gear and it just broke a dog off. But it's mating gear had wear marks where the dog slides into. This could be a problem with it not engaging fully, but I think it was from me trying to get the thing out of first gear with the broken off dog wedged between. I think the dogs are just weak. When I replaced 3rd gear I replaced it's mating gear just to make sure that all three dogs would take the load equally. When I replaced the second gear it only came in a kit with the gear, mating gear, and a new fork right from Honda. This leads me to believe that they might be aware of a problem. I compared old and new forks, no problem with the old one. It shifts fine but now I am scared to ride the thing. I drove this bike stock from 1989 to 2002. Always shifted good and never popped out of gear. Never had a problem till the power up kit. I think it is a pure power issue.
  12. Jeff660

    600 Weak Tranny/660 Kit

    If I could have all the money back I spent on mods and the breakdowns, I would put it into a WR or a new 650. I just got too attached to the thing after 13 years and its low-end grunt. I have driven some WRs and they seem to have close to the same power, but rev so much higher and freely which is pretty addictive, as well as the weight and suspension improvements. I've got the XR geared up for the road and open trail, but it will still pull up a pure power wheelie in 3rd gear. She will do about 100mph according to the factory digital speedo when it's not windy. I am pretty sure I broke the tranny this last time snortin up a steep hill in 2nd gear at low rpm. It started having shifting problems about 10 minutes later down the trail when I got back into the low gears again. I finally purchased a cam chain tensioner holder tool; man is that spring a pain to get back in place without it. Does anybody have an opinion as to whether the higher gearing added to the tranny stress?
  13. Jeff660

    600 Weak Tranny/660 Kit

    I would like to post a little warning for those of you considering a big bore kit. I have an 86 XR600R that I have had since about 89. About 2 years ago I installed a 660 cylinder & piston kit and an "all around" cam. Have an FMF pipe and a Baja Designs street legal kit. I don't know if the trannies are the same on the later 600/650s but mine can't handle the power. I broke the trans. twice. 1st time broke a peg off of 3rd gear. It broke a piece off of the inside of the case, broke off the bottom of the new sleeve, and bent the piston. I rebuilt the whole thing again. 2nd time I kind of got lucky and it only broke a peg off of 2nd gear with no engine damage. I have not been riding this bike hard. The power is so fun but I can't afford the money or frustration of rebuilding this thing every year. I feel like I have to unload this thing now. Also if you install a bigger cam with a rebuilt, (most are rebuilt) you MUST use hardened rockers. Learned that the hard way. The manufacturer didn't mention it. Also my first rebuilt cam appeared to be porous and chewed up one of the stock rockers. The second cam (from a different manufacturer, also rebuilt) broke in great with hardened rockers. I am curious if any one else has had simmilar problems with the power up kit or tranny problems. Also If anybody want's a go at this bike let me know. I had the case fixed and the top end is all new. Sorry this is so long winded.