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  1. Mister Fister

    MotoVan Blues

    plugs wires?? clogged cat? cel on?? idk what engine is it? Hey Joe if you decide to unload it as is for cheap let me know. I can add another dead ford to my yard I would start with basics though if you feel like messing with it....
  2. Mister Fister


    touche ill take the underachieving but i was kidding about the lying. "never lie cheat or steal to make a sale" I will however keep my opinions to myself if someone likes something that I dont .....well except on the internet Anyway if you are in the market for a used car hit me up. I cant guarantee im not a douchebag but i will guarantee im not a liar.
  3. Mister Fister


    I think you misunderstood Joe. I was saying more like do you ask to see what Vons paid for the milk??? Or look it up online?? Then demand they sell it to you at a loss? Nah you pay MSRP right?? Even if that markup is 150%. A lot of retail has a huge markup and people dont seem to complain. I sold a ton of cabin air filters for $50 we paid in the $6 range for. Talk about a ripoff! I see what you are saying though Its standard to haggle on cars so the customer is driving the price differences. There is always Car Max where you cant haggle and everyone pays the outrageous sticker price and seems to be OK with it cause Joe Blow down the street paid the same price?? It is what it is. And probably is not gonna change any time soon. Remember Saturn and their no haggle pricing?? What happened to them? Yeah OK the cars were shit maybe that was part of it Thanks for the advice btw. All good points pretty much what I have already decided will be my everyday behavior. And with my brief discussion with my Sales Manager yesterday he is on board with that approach too so I wont be pressured to be a douchebag.
  4. Mister Fister

    Does anyone ever ride?

  5. Mister Fister


    What other industries can you look up what someone paid for the item and go in trying to pay 1-2% over what they paid?? And if you dont you feel like you got "ripped off" Meanwhile they have to keep inventory,employees paid and the lights on?? DO you go to In and Out and demand they sell you a cheeseburger for 50 cents or youre leaving?? If new car dealers only had profit from new car sales to get by they would all go under. They have to sell the damn things at $300 over invoice so they can make money on service/parts etc
  6. Mister Fister


    Cal Worthington was an amazing dude. Lived life to the fullest fo sho. If I was half the man id be doing better than most
  7. Mister Fister


    I have some Ariats. I may try them out. They look a little weird with slacks though
  8. Mister Fister


    that cars a piece of shit. you overpaid imo new mercedes= trash if I have one in stock to sell you though you bet they are "great cars my wife has one we love it"
  9. Mister Fister


    Damn I'm only 6 foot. Should I get some of those elevator shoes?
  10. Mister Fister


    Schmo is like the Jeff bolt of the mountains Schmo is like the Jeff bolt of the mountains Schmo is like the Jeff bolt of the mountains
  11. Mister Fister


    nah. nothin cheap like that i can get you a car for $3k down though
  12. Mister Fister


    do you think its defense mechanisms because they think we are the crooks? or are you talking about something else entirely?
  13. Mister Fister


    I gotta eat man. I dunno what else to do. sell insurance?? sell solar?? maybe start my own dirt bike accesory company?? im gonna be the biggest &%$#@!in shark in the &%$#@!in tank. i have to be. i have no other choice they knew i was leaving (old boss) and were already looking for someone......just thought i was gonna give two weeks. ..i thought i was too.. i feel shitty but 2 weeks is 2 weeks.. I need this new opportunity i wasnt going to jeopardize it
  14. Mister Fister


    Really??? I believe most people are good. Or try to be. glass is half full. YOu come with this knowledge from experience?? So I quit my job and stiffed my employer......burnt a bridge. Gave about 16 hours notice that I was done.... I didnt want to but id rather piss off the old guy than the new guy. THat place was torture anyway. spun my last oil filter (unless its my own) and sold my last air filter today. I found out how I got hired with my shit driving record.......i have to sign something saying i wont drive any of the cars and i am not on their insurance. apparently they do this a lot a few other guys have the same deal. I saw a newer dually cummins there so yes we have some trucks. Oh HEY JONESY my boss the sales manager lives in your neighborhood. Spring Valley Lakes right?? small world
  15. Mister Fister

    Anybody going out for King Of The Motos 2017

    nice jeep and truck you guys wanna adopt?? I pay for my own food and wipe my own ass (most of the time) but srsly if i come out there i can drive everything??