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  1. DLvid

    te 250 starting problems

    I've had similar problems on my 08 TE250 with the power up installed. One time it was just that the battery was on its way out. There was enough juice to crank it over but not enough to fire the engine. Another time the clutch bypass wiring got disconnected inside the little rubber boot on the handlebars. This prevented the bike from being electric started but would allow it to be kick started. It was particularly frustrating because you cannot see the connectors unless you pull back the boot to inspect and the bike had started fine on the previous ride. Needless to say when I got home I soldered that connection closed. Is the fuel pump making it's usual priming noise when you turn the switch on? Any leaks or cracks in the intake manifold boot? Condition of spark plug? Checked all fuses? I put dielectric grease in all plugs and connections to keep the water out. The 'racing' harness you're using; is it factory or home made? Possible bad or intermittent connection? Trouble shooting electrical is very tedious. If you can get access to a replacement harness you may be able to locate the fault if there is one. Good luck and keep us posted!
  2. DLvid

    Trailtech Vapor installation problem

    No help here with the wiring, just wondering why you chose the trail tech? The bike already has a tach. If you need a resettable odometer for dual sport riding you should really be using one of ICO Racing units. They are easy to install, bulletproof and best of all have remote thumb buttons that easily increment and decrement by tenths of a mile plus a fast zero reset. I had two trail tech units before I found ICO about five years ago and have never looked back.
  3. I put the Motrosportz side stand on my '08 TE250 last year and it works great. Way better angle and larger pad on the ground. Yes, I did have to cut a tab off the frame but no big deal. Now the bike stays up on it's own.
  4. DLvid

    Hard Neutrals an Issue?

    I have been having the same issue on my '08 TE250. George at Uptite thinks it's the oil. I was using Motul 5100 20/50 synthetic. Have switched to Spectro 4 Offroad because he says it has zinc which the clutch needs. Just changed this weekend so don't know if it's better yet.
  5. There have been many tales of how Dan and Anne at MotoXotica have gone out of their way to help Husky owners but I thought this deserves mention. On my last high-Sierra dual sport I dropped my '08 TE250 on a rock and caused a stress fracture on the right shock upper tube. I contacted MotoXotica for a replacement only to be told that there are none in stock in North America and even if there were, the single shock retails for $1500. They told me they'd keep their ears open for options for me. An hour later Dan calls me back and says he was just about to install a brand new set of the 2010 TXC KYB shocks on his bike, but if I was in a bind he'd sell me both shocks and the triple clamp. Wow! A couple of hours later, I was in the shop cash in hand. Today the shocks are all mounted and I'm good to go. Thanks, Dan! ps If anyone is interested in the old shocks look in the classifieds.
  6. DLvid

    TE 250 dual sport maintenance?

    I agree with all the posts so far. I'm currently on a TE250 and have had a drz400. For a commuter with a little dirt the drz is the better bike. Sounds like you're not into serious trails so weight shouldn't be an issue. Have fun either way!
  7. DLvid

    New Husky side stand

    Motosportz released a very nice side stand months ago. I did have to cut the stock mounting tab off to fit it on my TE but that was no problem. I've been very happy with it.
  8. DLvid

    2009 TE Speedo- useless when wet-

    I had a similar failure several weeks ago. After 8 hours of serious trail, a late summer rain storm took out the factory display and headlight. Turns out to have been one of the mini fuses under the saddle on the right side. At first look the fuse looked fine but they are very small. The low beam filament also burned out. Weird. As for a replacement / additional odometer I would strongly recommend an ICO over Trailtech. ICO units are purpose-built enduro units with very user friendly controls (remote thumb buttons) and are VERY easy to increment/decrement/zero on the trail while riding. Trailtech makes a pretty box but then you have to put it in a box and the mileage adjusts are not user friendly. I'm not bashing their product (I did own one), just letting you know about a better option(IMHO).
  9. DLvid

    2008 TE gas tanks

    I've had mine on for several months now. No problems. Haven't run the tank dry so not sure about absolute capacity. I'm on a 250 with the lambda out and still get 43mpg on trail so I figure on a 120 mile range. I don't use graphics, the trail doesn't care what my bike looks like.
  10. DLvid

    08 TE-510 Computer seems dead

    Replace the mini 20 amp fuse located on the right side near the battery.
  11. Anyone want a slightly crushed right side radiator for a 08 TE250? It does not leak. The fan bracket is similarly disfigured. The fan is toast. I kept the bushings and bolts. It's free except $10 for shipping. PM me if interested.
  12. DLvid

    E-Start Failure

    Now we're cooking with gas, great idea!
  13. DLvid

    Husky trail tools

  14. DLvid

    Husky trail tools

    I carry a military Camelbak which has large capacity water and backpack. My toolkit has: JB weld, leatherman, small multi screwdriver, spark plug wrench, zip ties, led light, bailing wire, 8, 10, 12mm sockets, short extension and ratchet wrench, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17 mm open end/box wrenches, combo 15/27mm wrench for rear axle, 3, 4, 5 mm hex keys, electric wire, fuses, wire couplers, master link, cotter pins, wrags, sharpie, gaffers tape. In a separate bag I have two spare tubes, tire patches, wd-40, gloves, pump, tow strap, vulcanizing glue, super glue, valve stem tool, spare valve stems, pressure gauge and a length of fuel line for siphoning. The top bag in my pack is my medical kit. Top thing in there is a sanitary napkin (to soak up blood), super glue, surgical stapler, antibiotic creme, bandages, sling, ace bandage, alcohol wipes, wound closure kit, iodine, space blanket. I also have several Cliff bars, wind proof lighter, compass and signal mirror, emergency whistle, kleenex packs, ibuprofen, cash and a pruning saw. It's a lot of stuff to carry but I tend to ride alone in rugged back country. Most of it I've never needed. When I do need need to do some trail side maintenance it's good to know I can fix most anything short of a catastrophic failure. If it really goes to hell at least I can make fire and have food for a couple of days.
  15. DLvid

    E-Start Failure

    On Saturday morning after I unloaded my 08 TE250 and got my riding gear on and ready to do 150 miles from Pollock Pines to North Lake Tahoe I hit the starter button and nothing happened. Damn. I checked fuses, cables, connections etc. Everything looked fine. Not wanting to waste daylight I hit the kickstarter and it fired right up. OK, hit the trail and had a great ride. Just got done in the garage and it turns out all it was was the clutch switch wires had pulled off the switch under the handle. FYI In the remember to check your bolts column... During the ride I started hearing some rubbing on the landing of jumps. I stopped and checked to see what was going on and it turns out that both of the upper subframe bolts were gone! I thought I was really good at checking and tightening but these two are up in front of the end of the tank and not easy to see. Luckily I was not far from Uncle Tom's cabin and the good barkeep had a bucket of bolts to pick through. A couple of 1/4 20's got me to Truckee where a hardware store had the M8 1.25's with washers that set things right. After a repair like that I suddenly don't mind that 'heavy' repair kit with all the tools. Cheers & ride while we still can.