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  1. WheelsUp

    YZ timing on a WR????

    No. That hasn't been possible since the auto-decompression release was added in 2003 or 2004. Your only option is to change to the YZF cam. But it's not quite that simple. The YZ cam gets funky with the stock jetting. The YZ jetting gets funky with the stock pipe and airbox. You basically need to convert the whole thing to YZ spec parts... you'll still have the WR gearing so the jetting will need a little tweaking.
  2. WheelsUp

    2005 WR250 top speed

    Check your speedometer calibration against a GPS. They may have changed the gearing on the new models, but the '04-'06 hit the rev limiter at 85 (I've been there a few times). Motorcycle speedometers are notorious for reading higher than actual. Friend had an '06 DRZ400SM and he was following me at 70 on the freeway... he swore that I was pushing 80. My Vulcan 1600 streetbike reads 10% high... 90mph on the speedo is 81 on the GPS.
  3. WheelsUp

    Where did the gas go?

    Exactly... "policy" said that it was monitored and abuse was prevented, but I got dinged by some jackass over in the "babes" thread. Why? Someone posted a topless, and I said "Nice, but that's gonna get pulled" Hit me with a negative and said "You're a troll for pointing it out" Guarantee no mod reviewed that one.
  4. WheelsUp

    Where did the gas go?

    Problem was a troll could get together with his buddies or sockpuppets and bash someone down to the point that they were banned, or at least put the hurt on their reputation. There was a LOT of bullshit abuse. I'm glad to see it go. The moderators are mature enough to handle it... anarchy doesn't work, especially when it's all anonymous. Wouldn't have been nearly as much bullshit bad gas thrown around if the dings had a user name attached to it.
  5. WheelsUp


    No Ethanol in Kentucky? You've got plenty of Ethanol... the GOOD kind Trust me, you really DON'T want to put that crap in your vehicles if you can avoid it.
  6. WheelsUp


    Less. Ethanol has an octane rating of 115, but lower BTU content, and stoich is around 9:1, compared to 14.7:1 for gasoline.
  7. WheelsUp

    Rotella oil??

    Can't vouch for their claims of superior wear numbers, but one thing I noticed is that they generally compare their products against conventional oils, and occasionally group-III "synthetics" such as Rotella 5w40. Amsoil buys their base stocks from Mobil, then blends their own additive packages. I CAN vouch for their shear stability. I've tested a number of oils in my Vulcan, and Amsoil MCV and Mobil-1 V-Twin have both remained in-grade for a 50wt for 2,000 miles, and at 6,000 miles had just cracked into the heavy 40wt range. Motul Twin-Synd, Castrol GTX, Mobil-1 15w50, and Royal Purple.... all of those sheared down to 30wt in 2,000 miles. My Vulcan carries 3.5 quarts, and has a wet clutch and common engine/tranny oiling system. http://personal.linkline.com/rlockyer/oil/oil.xls
  8. '05 WR250F '06 Vulcan 1600
  9. WheelsUp

    Rotella oil??

    My Duramax carried 10 quarts. The "computer" recommended oil changes anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000 miles depending on driving conditions. I put "computer" in quotes because it didn't actually analyze the oil itself... it based it's recommendation on engine temperature, RPM, and load factors. 10 quarts @ 10,000 miles vs 1.5 quarts at 200 miles?
  10. WheelsUp

    Rotella oil??

    6000cc And what happens when hp/cc gets a little too high: http://personal.linkline.com/rlockyer/llybad.wmv
  11. WheelsUp

    Is it possible to get a street for a 2007 WR?

    In reading the DMV specs, and from looking at sineage, it's not really clear how it is here in CA. It SEEMS that you still need OHV registration for off-highway activity, but it also appears that a plate allows free access everywhere. Taking off and making your own trails... that's a tough call there. In many BLM areas, you cannot leave marked trails, regardless of your registration status. In pratice? My buddy and I have red-stickered '05 WR250s, and we pretty much live on the east side of Salton Sea other than an occasional trip to Ocotillo or Glamis. There's a lot of private property, both fenced and unfenced, and a lot of dirt roads, including Coachella Canal Road, which will lead you to Bradshaw Trail. My suspicion is that most of these roads (definitely Coachella Canal Road) legally require a plate. We have encountered rangers/DFG officers from time to time and never more than a smile and a wave as we pass. I think in most cases, at least in that area, if you are only using a "road" to connect trails or to get to/from camp... especially if you are off of the pavement... you will probably not be bothered, but be aware that it is still illegal... certainly a paved road.... though I wouldn't go blasting down Hwy 111 unless it's an emergency. CHP may not be as friendly as the Imperial County Mounties.
  12. WheelsUp

    Is it possible to get a street for a 2007 WR?

    +1 That's why I bought my Vulcan
  13. WheelsUp

    How about another oil thread before I go...

    Really? http://personal.linkline.com/rlockyer/oil/oil.xls
  14. WheelsUp

    Is it possible to get a street for a 2007 WR?

    '06 added AIS on the WR250. The '05 450 had it. The '05 250 has the dreaded "C" or "3" in the VIN and there's no way DMV will plate it. Even the green stickered WR's are pretty much impossible to plate. I know Joeracer has all of the products available to get it to meet the basic highway safety requirements, but CA has gone apeshit on emissions and it just ain't gonna happen unless you have a friend at the DMV that'll squeak it through for you. Even with AIS, the WR's are still lacking the evap system required on street vehicles... before issuing a plate, they are going to be looking for the emissions sticker on the frame.
  15. WheelsUp

    mobil twin oil

    I was very happy to see GTX do as well as any of the automotive synthetics. The test bike is a 2006 Kawi Vulcan 1600 V-Twin. Wet clutch, and shared engine/tranny oil so I have the same issue with the gearbox shredding the oil that I do on the Yamaha. Got close to 30k on that engine now. Everything before the first 8k was solo riding, mostly local runs. Since then it's been about 75% 2-up, with a lot of long highway runs at high speeds (75-85)... and that's heavily loaded. Bike's weight limit is 400lbs, between me and the OL, we're 465, plus all of the chrome and luggage... but I still get 14k out of my rear tire.