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  1. Unsane125

    are fork supports secure off road?

    I used fork supports, got lazy, then stopped, there has been no difference in fork seal life, bikes falling over....you can say that i've gone both ways even....
  2. I have ordered upwards of 10k in parts from Motosport in the last 9 years, never had an issue like this, I have noticed however that lately their prices can't compete with Rocky mountain, not even including the 10% off.
  3. Unsane125

    Are the manufactures against us?

    They are built to race for an hour at a time and be torn apart, long term reliability is last on the list. Also, how much extra would they make over making something un-realiable? very few people replace stock parts with stock parts, companies like fmf, works connection, boyesen...etc would be the ones making out.
  4. Unsane125

    Sick of this thing, waterpump leaking

    Flush the system out really well, it's little fine pieces of aluminum, basically silty metal dust worn from the inside of your engine. run some cleaner and water through it a couple times.
  5. Unsane125

    Basics of motocross racing?

    Seat time, try to ride atleast every weekend and get 2 hours on the bike to get the skills and muscle memory you'll need.
  6. I don't even know how people can afford these things, sat in one at a dealership near me the other day, Price tag was over 20K wtf?
  7. Unsane125

    Grease brands used?

    Red n' tacky, the type of grease isn't as important though as just making sure to stay on top of greasing and not spraying too much into the seals.
  8. Unsane125

    Renthal vs Sunstar

    Renthal, Sunstar and Vortex are all pretty similar, I'm trying out supersprox and an x-ring chain now because i'm sick of readjusting my chain and rear sag constantly, supposed to last a long time, and the gold center on the stealth sprocket is pretty trick looking.
  9. Had an 05 RM250 for about 3 years, i've never had so many unfinished rides, that thing broke several times at every track I rode at. Loved the bike when it was working well, but that was few and far in between. It was never really the bike's fault, blew out tires left and right, snapped 2 chains, fork seal issues, just seemed like I had horrible luck with that thing even though I maintained and cleaned it pretty well.
  10. Unsane125

    Chain oil

    Grab whatever is on sale and apply a quick coat between each moto.
  11. Unsane125

    2015 CRF250R performance mods

    Is he? I've never heard a fast A or B rider ask this question. I have however, heard it from a lot of people that think throwing money at your machine makes you faster.
  12. Unsane125

    2015 CRF250R performance mods

    Seat time, spend all you're money on tires, track time, fuel.
  13. Unsane125

    Creek Crossing tips?

    Sounds good, maybe even keep a finger on the clutch to provide a bit of traction control.
  14. Honda makes nothing off of motorcycles compared to the other industries they're in. The local tracks over here are becoming a wave of green and blue bikes mostly.....Hardly see anything else any more, and as far as 2 strokes, everyone sticks with the YZ's.
  15. Unsane125

    Creek Crossing tips?

    Every crossing is different, watch your friends go through and mimic what they're doing, some spots are ok to sit down and feel your way through and some you will need to get momentum on your side.