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  1. 9-d-9

    supermoto 1/4 mi. times

    On my 06 KTM 950 Supermoto I pulled a 11.91 @ 115 mph. That was launching in 2nd gear. With a bit more practice I could probably get a lot closer to mid 11's, as it was my 1st time at the strip. I did a total of 5 passes at Las Vegas Motor Speedway(elevation around 2000ft) with 3 of them I was staged next to a GSXR1000... my 1/8th mile times were a couple tenths quicker than his, but shortly after he got into the revs and was hitting mid 11's around 130mph. The best run though was when I was staged next to a Turbo R1 that was hitting low 9's @ 150mph... I stalled the bike off the start, got it fired back up and rode a wheelie the entire 1/4 mile, clocking around 17 @ 105 mph... the crowd got a kick out of it
  2. 9-d-9

    Chaparral SUX!

    If you want to order from Chaparral you need to put your order in at the very least a month before you would like to receive it. On three occasions I've ordered online and waited around 3-4 weeks for something to show up at my door. I'm done with them and their 'attitude' of making me feel as if they are doing 'me' a favor by placing my order. I think their employees also do some part time work as Sprint CSR's. I've never had a problem with Rocky Mountain and the parts always come within the week.
  3. I have an 04 yz450 and also a 05 625smc. You can definitely feel the difference. When I first got the KTM I was a little disappointed in the power, but after I de-restricted and jetted, there is no comparison. The KTM has a lot more torque. I just got a new 45 tooth rear sprocket for it, to help with the third gear wheelies, currently (stock) it's geared 17/40 and I've topped it out at 121mph. You won't be disappointed with the KTM.
  4. 9-d-9

    top speed...

    I had the same set up you're talking about (88 kit with 16/35 gearing), with a manual clutch. It topped out between 55-60 mph. That gearing with the bike won't make it a slug off the start, I always used to get the holeshot - racing minimotard. If you don't have it already, get the manual clutch.
  5. 9-d-9

    handlebars stock or after market?

    The stock bars on the 450 are about as good as the stock chain. The first time I took a digger on my bike, the bars got tweaked. I have the the Pro Taper bar now and have been down many times since and still straight. I would just wait until you bend 'em.
  6. 9-d-9

    Street Legal SuperMoto

    That's what I'd like to know also. I think I'm leaning more towards the KTM due to the fact that when I called my local husky/husaberg dealer he was unaware of the '06 husky and also said he just received a price list for the '05 models. Is the LC4 a milder motor?
  7. 9-d-9

    Street Legal SuperMoto

    I never said I drive/ride the speed limit. I just like the feeling of leaving a stop and switching gears while the front wheel is in the air.
  8. 9-d-9

    Canadians on vegas area trip march 12-17

    The closest good riding area around Vegas is in Jean. If you get on Las Vegas Blvd. heading south out of town for about 15 miles, off to the left you will see a dry lake bed in the distance, that's where we park the trucks. Explore from there. But, if you are looking for some excellent riding you need to head north on the 15 freeway about 1 hour from Vegas. Take the logandale exit and once you get into the town look for a chinese restuarant that sits off the road and make a right. Follow that road over the train tracks and continue on the dirt road for a couple miles until you come to a parking area with restrooms. Unload the bikes and ride. More than likely I'll be riding that weekend, PM me and I'll try to meet up.
  9. 9-d-9

    Street Legal SuperMoto

    I want to get something I can ride to/from work daily about 30 miles total. I have an 04 yz450 now for the desert and I want a little more punch for the ride to work, I think it would make going to work so much more enjoyable with a few detours. '06 Husqvarna SM610S(when and where will it be availiable), Husaberg FS650e(where can I get it), or the KTM LC4??? Any input?
  10. 9-d-9

    new ims tank

    I also ran into some problems with the 3.3g IMS on my 04 yz450. What you are going to have to do is: 1. move the fuel inlet tube on the carb to make a straight shot from the left petcock. I talked to someone from IMS about this and was informed that it's possible to move the inlet tube from the 11 o'clock position to the 8-9 o'clock position by carefully heating the carb. body and turning the inlet. It didn't work for me. I ended up tapping a 45 degree elbow into the carb. 2. I remember in the directions it talked about looping the right side fuel line over the intake, well if you do that, the right side of the tank will only drain down to the highest part of the fuel line. So, I moved the line and routed under the intake and then with the 'T' fitting spliced into the left side fuel line. 3. I took my hi-temp fuel lines off and wrapped them with some plastic spiral wrap and then covered them with braided stainless. 4. I zip tied the r/h fuel line up to to engine mount about a 1/2" from the exhaust. 5. I went riding. I've had my tank now for about 5 months and haven't had a fire yet with the 100 octane. I can get you pictures if needed.
  11. 9-d-9

    Best 04' 450 Rear Tire "value"?

    I've ran the Kenda Carlsbad and Maxxis IT on my 450. Both tires hold up better than the Dunlop 739AT for desert riding. Next time you're at the shop getting a tire, look at the tread pattern between the 739 and Maxxis IT - they look very similiar.
  12. 9-d-9

    Does the YZ450f?

    My friends I ride with have cr250's(one of them with some $$$ in the engine) and yz250's. I'm the only one with a thumper (04 yz450). The 450 will pull away from a two stroke 250 at any time with a little help from the throttle, not only that but I don't have to shift gears as much as them going into corners, because the 450 has the torque. The 4 stroke's torque curve looks like a plateau(3-10k rpm), whereas the 2 stroke's torque curve looks like a peak - usually peaking in the neighborhood of 7-8k rpm.
  13. 9-d-9

    yfz 450 gearing

    I think what you meant was going to a 14 from a 15 is the same as adding teeth to the rear, which will make the bike accelerate quicker. A 15 tooth in the front will transfer the power to the dirt less aggresively, it'll feel like you have more traction. When I went back to 14, it was like a two-stroke again. I will probably go back to the 15, just not 15/45, maybe 15/47. If your riding desert, just buy a 15 tooth and run the stock rear, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  14. 9-d-9

    yfz 450 gearing

    I had a 15/45 on my 04 yz450 for desert riding. I even rode some deep sand with that set up, without a problem. The biggest thing I noticed when riding with the 15/45, was that the back wheel seemed heavier, it hooked up great. I remember a couple of times I looked back to see if it was flat. Top speed was 90 mph and it wouldn't bounce off the rev limiter. I went back to 14/45 and hit the rev limiter at 92. As far as going to a 16 tooth front, It's possible, but you would have to do some trimming and find some extra horsepower. I'm happy with the 14/45, next I'm going to try 14/44.