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    DRZ450SM Works Bike. Build teasers.

    Still going I see, Nate...good to see you around.

    Charging system question

    Hey guys, it's been awhile but at least I know where to come back to when I'm having problems. I haven't ridden my bike in some time and need a quick question answered. I went out to start the bike. It cranked until the battery died. I hear the clicks of a dead battery. I go and get the battery jumped (about a week later)...The bike runs fine until I shut it off, except the dash resets here and there. Then there's nothing, not a neutral indicator, headlight, nothing. So I charge it again, bike runs fine but the dash flashed off and on. So I ride it around for about 10 minutes, and turn it off and the same thing. Is it just a bad battery that won't hold a charge or the charging system? The bike might be sold this weekend so I need to make sure it's running for the guy to come look at it. I need to pick up a battery tonight if that's the case. So some super quick help is needed. And yes, I know this has been covered...but I did a super fast search and topics were close but not spot on. A quick answer is needed and appreciated. Thanks guys...

    TT case shields.. do they really help?

    They've helped my bike tons of times. The dents in the case shields prove it.

    base gasket mod

    This is how I did it (well, Nate anyway). New rings and cleaned the piston to damn near brand new looking. Dino oil then flush.

    Front fork lock..use or don't use?

    Lock the steering lock and then take your bars in your hands and turn the bars real hard in either direction. $10 says you'll break the lock... It's not as strong as you think...just don't rely on it.

    Found a 04' drz400e, with cali plate?

    It's got a plate until you go and buy it and when you go to register it they realize that the grandfathering in is no longer acceptable.

    Crashed now the bike has a mind of its own.

    Remove the system completely. It'll take you 10 minutes. It is worthless...

    How to get this off?

    Hey Hometheater, the stock pipe guard will fit the Yoshi SS pipe. Just cover that mess up with a pipe guard.

    Yosh Header Pipe Wont Fit

    It fits...with or without Unabikers. There have been lots of people (including myself) that didn't get the head pipe to fit on the first try. Use some elbow grease and you'l get it on there. It only clears my rad (with Unabikers) by like an 1/8th of an inch.
  10. JTDRZT

    Most knarly place you have taken your S ?

    Those guys that did that Maui trip...I think at least one of them was on a DRZ. Was the screen name Maui DRZ? That ish was INSANE!! Other than that guy...
  11. JTDRZT

    D208 160/60.......

    Too excited, I know the feeling. Here's what you do...mine does the same thing. Loosen the caliper so it hangs loose. Loosen up the two slider bolts and put the wheel on with the caliper at the same time. Sit underneath so that you can use your feet to lift the tire and still have your two hands semi-free. Line up the axle and get it through. Then just tighten those slider bolts back up once you get the chain on. After you do it a few times you'll get used to it.
  12. JTDRZT

    D208 160/60.......

    What rim width is the Marchesini? D208 in a 160 fits on my Excel? It does rub the chain if that's what you mean by "doesn't fit?"
  13. JTDRZT

    Custom Seat Makers?

    Aren't they exactly the same?
  14. JTDRZT

    bee in helmet

    Not on the DRZ but on my downhill mountain bike...I was riding about 20 on a trail and got a bee in my jersey...it was bouncing everyone in my shirt...got stuck up in the armpit area. I jumped off the bike at like 15 MPH and tore off the jersey and helmet in about 10 seconds. I got stung in the ARMPIT!!! You know how much that sucks with sweaty armpits and still having to ride like 20 miles home??? Lame.
  15. JTDRZT

    Custom Seat Makers?

    Check out NatetheGreat's custom seat. It's badass. I'll try and get the name of the guys that did the job. It's somewhere in the Sacramento, CA area. Not sure if they have a website or not though. EDIT - They're called Guts Racing.