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  1. 3 weeks in a row, same property.
  2. Heres a view from the pro line of the race MtnGoat and I were at. Crazy fast. There might be a Beta in there somewhere.
  3. Warren, I just purchased a 18 300 rr. I ride in southern missouri rocks, rocks and more rocks. 215lbs without gear, fast c slow b rider. My kyb sss work pretty good. Are these that much better that it would justify the expense?
  4. Anyone that made it to night show, are BAMF.
  5. Was going to post and you beat me to it. Thanks.
  6. hare scramble sunday 22nd
  7. Just gonna try to revalve the Sachs shock and add 4mm to it. And see how that works.
  8. Thanks guys, Ive just been riding and trying to get the suspension dialed. Put on some kyb sss off of an old yamaha and they are plush. Threw on a smartcarb and the 300 flat out rips. now if I can get the shock dialed in, look out.