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  1. It wasn't the title by itself. It was the title along with the body of the post having nothing more than a link to the article/video followed by THAT is what got people going and I wasn't the only one to question it.
  2. Sorry, but I've been having some problems the last few days with some of the moderators here. I just had a thread closed by one simply because he didn't like what I had to say, not because I violated any TT rules. Moderators are supposed to monitor to make sure rules aren't violated or threads get out of hand. They shouldn't be starting up flamefests, and they need to be more aware of how their own posts can be misinterpreted, especially when they make comments about things relative to the industry or are a bad reflection on TT. It was perfectly reasonable the way I and others interpreted this thread. Instead of barking at us for it the moderator should have recognized it, apologized for it, explained his real intent, and left it at that. Period. Instead, he used his position to spank us. We did nothing wrong and we're not his children.
  3. Hey moron, don't blame the readers for misinterpreting your vague post. A number of people saw it the same way. Perhaps if you had just put motorcyclist instead of woman in the title no one would have questioned it, but since you didn't it looked very much like what many of us thought: that you were happy this woman crashed. This is all fairly excusable for a regular visitor, but for a TT moderator it is plain dumb. You should be more careful about how your posts can be misinterpreted instead of berating others for pointing it out to you.
  4. RADRick

    Gorman or Rowher 11/20?

    Will probably be there about 8:30ish. We usually stage at the first campground on the right of the main road from the main entrance. The one just past the hill. We'll be in my bro's red Ford F150 with a trailer. Hope to see you there.
  5. RADRick

    Do I have to punch my cylinder?

    Like I've said before in here, anyone that thinks they can transfer how racers set their bikes up to how the average rider should is a fool. Settting a bike up for professional level racing has only one criteria: make the bike as fast as possible for racing. As it relates to piston rings and other combustion chamber tolerances, the race engine builder will always go towards as tight as can be achieved while not inhibiting operation. What does the racer care about longevity? All he wants to do is win the next race. Since the engine will likely be torn down after 1 or 2 races, the engine builder has little concern for what works long term, only with what wins races. Cost is usually not a big factor to a pro race team, either. Not as important as winning. Those of us who actually expect to go many miles or numerous races between teardowns would be foolish to put too much stock in how a race bike is prepped. It just isn't relative to how we ride our bikes. Processes, products and techniques aimed at professional racing are, for the most part, inappropriate for the average rider who wants reliability and long life from their motorcycles in addition to going fast. What works for the pro racer is not always the right choice for everyone else.
  6. RADRick

    Gorman or Rowher 11/20?

    Me, my bro and nephew will be up at Gorman on Sunday. Won't be doing the forest trails since my bro will be on his quad. Needs to break it in before our annual T-Day trek to Dumont Dunes.
  7. RADRick

    OHV "Green Sticker" Grants Meeting Nov. 18, 19

    As big a state as CA is, I don't see why they can't have two meetings, one in the south and one in the north, instead of making it almost impossible for everyone that wants to be heard to go to one meeting. Perhaps you could mention that, as well.
  8. RADRick

    Favorite dirtbike magazine

    Judging from the poll results, your sentiment appears to be in the minority.
  9. RADRick

    Trail Tech Clone??

    That's not a clone, Topeak is the manufacturer of the Panoram units. Trail Tech simply makes kits to allow the Panoram computer, originally a bicycle computer, to be mounted on motorcycles.
  10. RADRick

    Whats wrong with this picture?

    Those signs are paid for with green-sticker money. Chopping them down just means wasting more of it.
  11. RADRick

    Bouquet and Spunky Canyon ride

    How dare you play the 3-wheeler card! When last we spoke you said you might have Monday off. Since I didn't hear back from you I figured your plans changed. I would have gone with you on Friday in a heartbeat. No biggie. I'm going to go up to Gorman with the family. My bro needs to get his quad broken in before our Dumont trip for Thanksgiving. I'll just putt around with my nephew and have fun. Let me know if you want to do a weekday ride next week.
  12. RADRick

    Dyno's useless?

    A dyno is an excellent tool for comparison and adjustment. What sucks is using peak horsepower numbers as a comparison tool. They mean close to nothing. More important is the torque curve, the hp curve, and the smoothness of both. A bike with higher peak horsepower could ride like a POS compared to one with less peak hp, but better torque and power profiles.
  13. RADRick

    Bouquet and Spunky Canyon ride

    Same here. I don't remember seeing this posted as a dual-sport ride when it started. Guess I'll find someone else to ride with on Sunday. Chris, why didn't you tell me about Saturday?
  14. RADRick


    I'm 47 and if I gave up motorcycles I might as well be dead. None of the 20-somethings I ride with complain when I stop to let them catch up.
  15. RADRick


    Yep. Not as much fun as riding. Too mental. By comparison to an MX or desert race, yes. Too specialized. To be competitive, yes. To a degree, yes. I ride to escape the confines of every-day life. Enduros are like work. Constraining, ponderous, and regimented. Make them more about riding and skill and less about the ability to keep time and schedules. You're welcome.