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  1. -82xr-

    1987 XR200r stiffer springs wanted.

    Bruce Triplett with Triplett Suspension hooked me up with fork springs. He is very knowledgeable about suspension on these older bikes and what it takes to get them set up right. Bruce Triplett 704-637-3675.
  2. -82xr-

    First Restore

    Paint on plastics is holding up great. I'm probably not as hard on it as I should be lol. It will chip off if you really scrape it, but overall I'm happy and as you can see it still looks great. As for the wheels I took the time to mask off the rim and sprayed them while still assebled. Kinda redneck but better than rusty spokes IMO. Sometime want to do it right though.
  3. -82xr-

    First Restore

    Howdy folks. It's been awhile. Bit of an update on the 200. I bought a 2005 crf250x complete exhaust of eBay for around 80$. Head pipe ID measures 1.25 in. Steps up to 1.5 at the midpipe. I modified the head pipe to fit the frame. Muffler fit with no mods except removing the old heat shields and mounting points. It really fit up surprisingly nicely. From the short test ride I believe I heard some pinging so I might try jetting up one size.
  4. -82xr-

    XR200/R photos

    Build me one like this! Looks great!
  5. Hi 82xr About a year ago you told me about the blue lightning gas tank sealer but unfortunately they stopped making it so I tried a 2 pack marine epoxy but it didn't work. Don't suppose you might know anyone with old stock of blue lightning? Cheers Pete

  6. -82xr-

    First Restore

    I bought this off eBay. The 81-83 200r isn't listed in compatible models but it does fit. I found info on here saying that the original seal head has a hydraulic top-out damper (if that makes any sense) but it will function fine without that feature. My shock was already internally modified by a PO and the seal head was very similar to the one I bought off eBay.
  7. -82xr-

    First Restore

  8. -82xr-

    First Restore

  9. -82xr-

    First Restore

    I bought them off Amazon. They do require a little grinding to make them fit. Here's the link. Motorcycle MX Racing Footpegs For KTM 50 65 125 250 300 360 SX 525SX 400 520SX EX-C M/XC https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RURB5I2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_o4HSyb5DMY3XK
  10. -82xr-

    Skid plate for an 83 XR200r

    3 mounting points. 2 in the rear, 1 at the front. Hope this helps.
  11. -82xr-

    83 XR200R - idle problem

    Yes my tank is plastic so it works on plastic.
  12. -82xr-

    83 XR200R - idle problem

    Yes 1 pint will be plenty. It just coats the inside of the tank with a very thin film of sealant. As it says in the instructions most of the sealer will be drained out. By the way your your xr is killer. I love seeing these things restored. Good job on getting it licensed.
  13. -82xr-

    83 XR200R - idle problem

    I sealed my tank from the inside. Look up "blue lightning" gas tank sealer on the internet. It worked great. No problems with the decals now.
  14. -82xr-

    XR200/R photos

    Here's my 82 with some modifications. For more info check out my "first restore" thread.