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  1. levi1864

    "Spoiler" A2 live chat

    LCQ time
  2. levi1864

    "Spoiler" A2 live chat

    I'm cheap (when it comes to SX) and I already PAY for my fricken Verizon FIOS broadcast tomorrow... guess I'll wait and listen to the TT brain trust as I sip my 12 year old Macallan.
  3. levi1864

    "Spoiler" A2 live chat

    Jlaw need to lay off the chemicals... Jlaw: Dude, I'm cool... race tomorrow... no prob pass the bong
  4. levi1864

    "Spoiler" A2 live chat

    Where's the listen live link? I'm out of it. sorry.
  5. levi1864

    Jgr Efi?

    I searched an old rulebook and didn't see a reference to EFI. The ama web site is no help. http://www.amaproracing.com/rulebook/ Can you please provide the reference for the rule you cited. Thanks!
  6. levi1864

    Supercross Jgr Efi?

    Anyone know if the JGR YZ 450 is EFI? The JGR web site just says "stock Yamaha w/JGR mods...". I heard they were running an EFI setup... can anyone confirm this? Here is the JGR link.
  7. levi1864

    Bubba on a 2-stroke

    I'm not a big bubba fan, but it would be cool to see him on a smoker. He'd probably beat all the other 4fiddys but it would be fun to watch/smell the premix at an SX. Oh to be in 05 again... I saw JS on the KX at the 05 Orlando SX when RC was still on the RM250 and CR was on the YZ. What a great race, CR was pretty impressive on the YZ that night. 1 22 Chad Reed Dade City, FL 25 Yamaha YZ250 Yamaha Motor 2 4 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL 22 Suzuki RM250 American Suzuki Motor Corp / Makita / Bridgestone 3 259 James M Stewart Haines City, FL 20 Kawasaki KX250 Kawasaki Motocross Racing 4 14 Kevin W Windham Centreville, MS 18 Honda CRF450R Amsoil Chaparral 5 12 David Vuillemin Corona, CA 16 Yamaha YZ250 Yamaha Motor Corp / Bridgestone 6 103 Sebastien Tortelli Lake Elsinore, CA 15 Suzuki RMZ450 American Suzuki Motor Corp / Makita / Bridgestone 7 51 Andrew T Short Murrieta, CA 14 Honda CRF450R American Honda Motor Co Inc 8 24 Ernesto Fonseca Murrieta, CA 13 Honda CR250R American Honda Motor Corp 9 5 Mike Larocco Corona, CA 12 Honda CR250R Amsoil Chaparral Honda 10 15 Timmy M Ferry Largo, FL 11 Yamaha YZ250 Yamaha Motor Corp / Bridgestone
  8. levi1864

    YZ250 for woods riding?

    Just rode an 08 300 XC-W(e)... WOW! I'm selling my YZ and DR-Z to get one. What a bike! The grunt of a 4 stroke and the crazy factor of my YZ... I'll probably end up w/an 09 since I'll be looking to buy/sell in the spring time.
  9. USA has 21 points after first 2 motos. MX1/2: 1 (JS), 10 (RV)=11 points MX2/Open: 1 (RV), 9 (TF)=10 points USA Total: 21 points From AMA: "Going into the third and final moto, Team USA leads with 21 points over Italy and Great Britain, who are actually tied with 33 points."
  10. Correct, but now that I think about it... we won't have to wait if they are both on the MXdN USA team later this year (why wouldn't they be?). The MX1/MX2 race should be fun! All I was saying is JS will FINALLY have some competition when RV moves up to the 4Fiddys. BTW, RV pulled a faster lap on a 2fiddy. That's awesome considering terrain at BC... course he smoked em all (except Bubba) last year at the MXoN. What a day that was!
  11. MX 1 7 01:56.264 James M. Stewart Haines City, FL Kawasaki KX450F 2 15 01:57.352 Timmy M. Ferry Largo, FL Kawasaki KX450F 3 29 01:57.858 Andrew T. Short Smithville, TX Honda CRF450R Lites 1 1 01:55.466 Ryan D. Villopoto Poulsbo, WA Kawasaki KX250F 2 48 01:57.398 Trey G. Canard Elk City, OK Honda CRF250R 3 28 01:57.698 Ryan M. Dungey Belle Plaine, MN Suzuki RM-Z250 Can't wait till next year!
  12. levi1864

    terror flex

    Couldn't agree more... and the sucker lasts forever! I'm getting over 3000 mile s (mostly street) on mine. Will be putting my 3rd one on soon.
  13. levi1864

    Fastest Woods Riders in USA

    Awesome vid! ML sure wasn't in the frame long. Holy crap I knew I was slow but now I feel SUPER slow!