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  1. beatuprmz

    2018 450 Manual - h e l p

    Here is the solution, for any Suzuki service manual: https://www.genuinesuzukimanuals.com/ Why they cant just make pdfs of them available to download if they are doing print on demand, no doubt from a PDF already, is bizarre... Oh yeah, so they can get another $80 out of us... lol
  2. beatuprmz

    Preferred Exhaust Setup on ‘18 RMZ 450

    I have an FMF Q4 coming tomm. Will I have to breakdown and buy the programmer to make it run right or does the fuel system adjust for it on the fly somehow?
  3. beatuprmz

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    New bike! My '05 went 12 years and was still awesome when I sold it. Old school confession: First time I started this one up I panicked and hit the kill switch when it idled up by itself...thinking the throttle was stuck. Weird.
  4. beatuprmz

    2018 450 Manual - h e l p

    Been a while since Ive been on here, picked up a 2018 RMZ450 last week. Rode my 05 for 13 years... lol Im doing some work on it, just realized the CD drive on my computer is bad and I cant open or find the manual anywhere online to get torque specs. Really just need the pinch bolt and front/rear axle specs. I can assume they are the same as older models but assuming has got me in trouble before... Anybody has the PDF they can share?
  5. beatuprmz

    Oregon camp and ride

    Im new to the area relatively, don't have exact details on trail areas... But, knowing what I do know…hit the northern coastal mountains for four days or trail riding in a few different spots, and then go south on the coast, the Oregon Dunes are a must see. I know there are trails down that way as well, but again no details. In summary, Im little to no help... Should be an awesome trip for you.
  6. beatuprmz

    looking for mid-week riders near portland

    I can get out any morning and back early afternoon with a little notice.
  7. beatuprmz

    looking for mid-week riders near portland

    Im in, drop me a line anytime you can get out. Dont suppose any "local" tracks are open for practice today…
  8. beatuprmz

    looking for mid-week riders near portland

    New Guy… Just moved to the PDX area, I can get away during the week occasionally. Like today… lol Should be a nice one. The trails in this region look awesome. Im an intermediate rider and have been riding long enough to know going alone to a new area is a bad idea, but very tempting. I realize this is an old thread, but it has the exact title I would have used.