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  1. buraap

    05 WR250 and jumps

    Yes, I do.
  2. buraap

    05 WR250 and jumps

    Wrooster, You D' man. Where in NJ are you from? I used to ride in North Brunswick.
  3. buraap

    05 WR250 and jumps

    Ok, maybe I didn't notice that I was doing that.
  4. buraap

    05 WR250 and jumps

    You're dissing me aren't you................
  5. buraap

    05 WR250 and jumps

    Even if I get air in 3rd or 4th gear?
  6. buraap

    05 WR250 and jumps

    I took my WR250 out last weekend, and after I was done hitting the trails, I hit the track. When I got good air, the bike stalled before I hit the ground which caused me to pull in the clutch and rev it while in the air. Is this normal for a 4 stroke to stall? i am also afraid that if I hit the ground in gear and not running that when it started back up that it could cause some serious damage......Mr Wrooster, this is yours if you're out there.
  7. buraap

    Trailering WR250 Question

    My opinion is that a 4x8 may be too small. I have a 5x8 that i picked up new for $400.00 and it carries my WR250, my son's JR50 and a friends DRZ125 no problem. don't go too small or you'll regret it.
  8. buraap

    Break-in period

    According to the manual, you have passed the break-in period. Now it's time to change the oil. Drain the crankcase, frame oil and refill and you'll be ready to go. I would not think that a filter change is needed until after a few more rides.
  9. For anyone who is contemplating buying a WR250F, you need to read this. I have been riding for more years than I care to say, riding bikes from a 90 to a RM125, IT175, RM250’s, PE250’s, multiple KDX’s, etc. Mostly 2-strokes. I had been extremely afraid to get the 4-stroke because I did not know anyone that had one…….we all rode 2-strokes for so long! I was worried that a 4-stroke 250 would be no better than the power of a 2-stroke 125 (like you see in competition). Well, I went ahead and did it. After break-in and doing the free mods (airbox, grey wire, throttle stop, silencer insert) I took the bike to one of my favorite places which happens to be some pretty technical woods. In the past, I would be worn out physically for days, and this WR kicked the crap out of those trails with basically NO EFFORT. It was like the bike rode itself. Its center of gravity is lower than the KDX, skinnier than the KDX and lighter than the KDX. My final statement is that I would do it again, and I may keep the KDX around for track riding until I take the WR to the track. Maybe after that ride, I will be convinced to retire from 2-strokes.
  10. buraap

    '05 WR250 performance mods

    More consistent power from the start of giving it gas until you let off. It does take getting used to. This is my first 4-stroke after 30 years of 2-strokes. It's even lighter than the KDX.
  11. buraap

    '05 WR250 performance mods

    Yes, it is an 05. The parts are, the end cap, the end nipple, then the screen, then the internals. is it the internals that need to be removed?
  12. buraap

    '05 WR250 performance mods

    Is the restrictor in the exhaust the 3-inch long tube that looks like a screen?
  13. Just moved from a KDX to my first 4-stroke (WR250) and love it . The power is definitely different from a 2-stroke. I want to make the performance mods that i've heard about. I heard about shaving the throttle stop which I have done, But I heard about the grey wire removal. Where is it? do i have to cut it, or does it just unplug? Also, I heard about removing the airbox cover. if i remove that, wont the battery just fall into the air cleaner?