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  1. so whos taking bets on the price increase on 2 strokes and 2 stroke pipes?
  2. blink13

    Low End On 2 Strokes...

    no gnarlys for 125's. use the clutch, works fine.
  3. blink13

    What do TRAIL riders wear?

    helmet always goggles chest protector (has kept me from being speared) gloves tee shirt riding pants riding boots i need shin/knee pads im deprived of riding its so sad. college doesnt leave much room for riding. i cant wait till i go home for thanksgiving
  4. You guys need to realize that Pastranas double backflip will only be epic until double backs are seen all the time. Carey Hart did the first backflip I beleve and that was epic at the time but now backfips without variations are mainstream in FMX. Thats my opinion.
  5. blink13

    Look Ma! No Motor!

    I like the urban stuff too. What kind of bike do you have? My shop can sell me a last years Specialized p.3 for 1100.
  6. blink13

    panaman down

    I had a good dismount last fall and buried my thumb into a rock. Some painful riding to get down the mountain. My thumb turned purple and swelled up to twice the size of my left one. I never went to the hospital and now its still bigger than my left one and it cracks every time i bend it. It also wont bend half as far as my left thumb, but hey it'll keep me from quadding!
  7. It probably won't hurt the bike, but it will definately hurt your riding. Try a heavier fork oil.
  8. blink13

    2007 Ktm 125

    Get it dirty instead of gooning it up with stickers
  9. blink13

    200 xc pics

    The bike is awesome. WEnt for an easy ride on flat, openish trails a couple weeks ago and had a blast. Wayy different from my yamaha. Its so weird to have power down low, and this has plenty. I cant wait to take it on some tight and techincal stuff and see how it compares.
  10. blink13

    200 xc pics

    Just thought I'd share.
  11. Two strokes don't have a rev limiter. His rings are shot, he could use a new top end.
  12. blink13

    Speaking of prom pics...

    haha, thats not even your date, is it?
  13. blink13

    Whats Louder?

    4 strokes are definately louder. Two strokes seem louder because it is a higher pitched sound, but the four stroke rumble is much louder and carries to a much farther distance.