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  1. Dhuey92

    Black Plastic

    Radiator fins: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/331477830242?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&var=540649809576&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  2. Dhuey92

    RPM Graphx Graphic Kit

    Brent was excellent to work with. I supplied him with a few sample images of a One Industries graphic kit that wasn't available for my year of bike, and I had some changes I wanted done to it. He was able to make it exactly as I wanted in under a hour.
  3. Dhuey92

    RPM Graphx Graphic Kit

    1 review

    GENERAL INFORMATION Our MX Graphx feature a bubble-free technology using the most durable material on the market. We guarantee you'll get revved up over the premium print quality with our state-of-the-art equipment. Our custom templates will fit your bike like a glove making them very customer friendly. Don't see a colour combo you like? No need to panic-rev, just tell us your ideas in the comment box as you checkout, and we'll customize the colours to your satisfaction.
    This guard fits perfectly on the Yoshimura RS-9 header. It covers the entire low bend from the motor all the way up to where the stock exhaust heat shield would be. A must for anyone with a Honda 450 with the left side exhaust port. The large low sweeping header is very susceptible to dents, trust me I know.
  4. 1 review

    GENERAL INFORMATION Essential 4 stroke pipe protection. This is for the Yoshimura pipes supplied on special edition Honda Muscle Milk models. Wrap around guards protect the front of the soft titanium pipes as well as stop the melting boots / trousers and burned leg. Stainless Steel fitting kit included.
  5. Dhuey92

    REC-MX Oil Filter Cover

    IMO one of the better looking oil filter covers, fit and finish are excellent
  6. Dhuey92

    Acerbis Plastic Kit

    Some areas dont fit as nice as the factory plastics but overall are a good set of plastics
  7. I once attempted to press out the steering stem to replace the lower bearing, and was unsuccessful with a 10 ton press, ended up hacking the lower bearing apart to get it off. I believe the stem is glued to the triple clamp from factory. If you are worried about damaging something I would look into what a new stem is worth and just use that for your new clamps
  8. Dhuey92

    Boyesen Rad Valve

    Love the aluminium body, no more worrying about cracked reed boots, lost one motor to cracked reed boots.
  9. Just put black UFO plastics on my 13 this week, everything fit good except the front number plate, the two holes on the bottom of the number plate dont sit on the nipples of the bottom triple clap, nothing a heat gun and some bending cant fix
  10. Dhuey92

    Removing tank and fuel pump 13 450

    Its pretty straight forward, only thing I had trouble with was the fuel line on the pump, it was a pain to get on and off
  11. Dhuey92

    Random stalling of 2010 CRF450R

    Common EFI problem, "flame out", trying turning the idle up a bit, if that doesnt work look up other threads on flame out for other fixes
  12. Dhuey92

    15 shock lenght?

    According to the factory connection site the 450's use a part number ALS spring, and the 250s run a ALR, not sure what the difference between the two is.
  13. Dhuey92

    weird oil problem

    Did you change the oil filter the last 2 times? Cause if not you are 100cc's over what the owners manual calls for.
  14. Dhuey92

    ProTaper Pillow Grip

    Love these grips, they have a good cushion to them and are quite grippy